McCain campaign - recap thread

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Eh, any Republican candidate

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Eh, any Republican candidate was going to have a rough time winning after 8 years of Bush (I still ask the question WHY THE FUCK DID IT TAKE YOU 8 YEARS!?).. McCain knew he was gonna have to really go off the board to even stand a chance, and rolling the dice on Palin was a bold bold move. .It's too bad she completely exploded in his face...  But it was really the only move he had...

I have to admit that there were things he did this campaign that disappointed me, but i think he was doing what he had to do to get the support of the other Republicans...


Still say he would've been a good president for you guys, though moreso 8 years ago... His age WAS a factor this time out..

I think that the honeymoon is going to end quickly for Obama.  He's got quite a hole to dig himself out of.. Oprah can't help him, now...


The cockpit.. what is it?

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