McCain in the kitchen

H/T to Bill in Portland


***John, would you please go in the kitchen and fix me a ham sandwich?"

"Let me say this, Cindy. I know how to fix a ham sandwich, and I will fix a ham sandwich when I'm elected president. For starters, I know where the kitchen is and I know how to find it. I know where the plates are. I know where the bread is, and I will be the one to pull out the right number of slices and place them on the plate in such a way that the mustard can be spread. Yes, my friends, I know where the mustard is and as president I will have a plan to spread it effectively. I know this stuff because I am a maverick. I can do it and I will do it. Let's talk about lettuce. My opponent is inexperienced on this issue. I've been around long enough to know about Romaine, butter, iceberg, bib, Boston and celtuce, as well as loose greens like mesclun. But I promise you this: I will fight every day against the advancing red tide of commie cabbage and I'm not afraid to use force if necessary. I know how to lead this nation in these dangerous leafy times, my friends. Now, I see the yellow light on my lectern is blinking, but if I may for a moment address another critical issue facing this country today, and that is the thickness of domestic pre-packaged ham slices. When I was a POW, we didn’t have ham, my friends, or even a chair..."

"Oh fer god's sake, never mind. I'll have the butler do it." **


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Yeah, that about sums it up...

TMundo's picture

I wonder how Obama would make a sandwich, or Ron Paul, who would in no way want to get involved in telling you how to make that sandwich.  Bill Clinton would probably light up a doobie to get his appetite going.

Yes, but instead of saying, "my opponent",

Mal_Content's picture

he would have gestured vaguely with his hand and said, "that one".  Man, that was offensive.

To me it sounded like he slipped up his words when he said that.

TMundo's picture

...not that it was a good thing to say, but I think it was more of a grammatical error than it was an intentional slur.  Either way I'm not voting for McCain.

It sounded intentional to me.

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As well as sounding dismissive and disrespectful.  I'll say this much for McCain - he's definitely arrogant enough to be president.

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