Michael Steele first black president

Obama is a mocha latte. Michael Steele will be on the cover of Time for the next 14 issues. Huge spreads in the mass media about his wife & two adorable children. Maybe a puppy too,


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Well, Obama may be a mocha latte, but...

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He's got that cool African moniker.

And, he's way better at hoops. 

Do you know why President Obama considers himself Black and not White (or Latte)?  He said he considers himself Black because society has always treated him as Black.  He brings a different perspective to the office than the last guy who was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth, and judging from the scads of infamous sound bites, obviously forgot to remove it. 

Again the Republicans miss the point

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We weren't out to elect a black man we were out to elect a good man irregardless the color of his skin. Just like they thought they could get votes by putting Palin up there because she's a woman. I'm sorry Obama isn't black enough for you. To tell ya the truth I wasn't paying any attention to how black he was when I voted for him. We'll see if Steele can turn his party around cause right now they're floundering in their own mess.


Hey X-Man, where did you come up with Missy_Busty as your new handle?       

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