Mike Malloy : It's all about erections

Was that the best Malloy could do?

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. 

That was totally unfunny and fairly disgusting.  There was not a scintilla of clever in that whole rant. 

If I want to listen to someone just spout brainless and gross insults about Republican standard bearers, I'll just listen to myself. 

Malloy needs to STFU and find another profession.  We Liberals can do way better than that. 

Mike Malloy has admitted to some mental health problems

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I used to listen to him just for the entertainment value of his off the wall rants.  Didn't take him too seriously. 

The Stepanie Miller show from 9 AM to noon EST - Monday thru Friday - is much more entertaining than Malloy.  Check it out here:


{;-) Dan in Miami


Oh come on! He said "penis pills"!

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That's funny

I must disagree with him about the sex appeal of Palin and Bachman.Brain dead bitches aren't sexy!

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