Most overrated movies

I would have to say the Indiana Jones series, the Matrix, and Alien  


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Citizen Kane, It's a Wonderful Life, Alfie, Dances with Wolves

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The English Patient. 


Most of the classic Disney cartoons, especially Fantasia (If I want to see dancing hippos, I'll invite my neighbor and her friends to go clubbing with me).  Yeah, I thought that Disney stuff was pretty lame, even as a kid. 

Punch Drunk Love and Magnolia: Two P.T. Anderson films I loathed so much, I still can't bring myself to view There Will be Blood.

Seeing a frozen Leonardo bobbing up and down in the water

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Made sitting through that godawful Titanic all worth while.

Coaster, you need to wait til the end of It's A Wonderful Life. The whole crowd goes over to Mr. Potter's house and kicks the crap out of him.

Seeing Leo bobbing up and down...

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...on a frozen Robert Deniro will get me a house in Malibu.

Magnolia really blew it in the end...

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...Punch Drunk Love was boring, but tolerable.  Magnolia was really building toward something right up until it rained frogs and that was when it lost me.  I don't care what P.T. says about sometimes it just rains frogs.  Not when I'm watching a movie that's hooking me in it doesn't.

Yeah, Rajah

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I saw that SNL skit, too.

It's a Wonderful Life

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makes me scream "JUMP DAMN IT!"  "Take Clarence with you" I loath that movie. I hated Disney movies as a kid also.

Everytime a bell rings an angel gets its wings

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This is a movie for our times. There's alot of George Baileys out there struggling and Mr. Potters buying up all the foreclosures and flying away on golden parachutes.

Coaster I haven't seen "Punch Drunk Love"

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Nevertheless I will make a scientific-wild-ass-guess that Adam Sandler's performance in it is not quite up to the Oscar winning best actor performance that Daniel Day-Lewis pulls off in "There Will Be Blood" (2007). 

If you enjoy Daniel Day-Lewis as an entertainer it is fairly certain you will like his mesmerizing incarnation of the American Dream gone horribly wrong in TWBB.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  If you do enjoy TWBB you might want to give "Boogie Nights" (1997) a try.  Most Crankylanders seem to think it's hilarious in an extremely non-conventional way.

Adam Sandler's performance in Punch Drunk Love...

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What can I say, the character he portrayed was quiet, reserved, anti-social, and yet at odd moments would snap with angry actions that didn't make him look like he was pissed, but more or less looked like random acts of excessive energy.

It was definitely a different character from what he usually plays in his comedies, and it was passable in terms of it's acting skill, but I believe the role didn't require much from it's actor as the character was quiet and reserved most of the time.

We didn't get to see him really get pissed and show facial expressions, for example, in one scene he gets pissed and breaks a sliding glass door, but all we see him do is break the door, we don't see him scream or get mad or curse, he just randomly grabs a hammer and smashes the door, pretty weird.  There were a few examples where he yelled a bit, but it wasn't traditional sandler yelling.

Lord of the Rings

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Exhibit A for the case against fans making movies out of books. The thing was awesome ro look at, but so overwrought, tedious (how many battle scenes can you watch before it makes no difference to you who wins or why?), and without an iota of humor...ugh.

Bottom line: movies are not simply pictures of books.

Re: Indy

I saw Raiders on the big screen a couple of weeks back.  Greatest flick ever...there is not a spare millisecond in that whole movie.  The others I can take or leave.

 I would see it in reverse.

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 I would see it in reverse. LOTR is a great series and exceptionally paced and developed. better than the books in my opinion.

I can't stand Indy as a person. I don't find him the slightest bit likable, and therefor I don't like his movie

No, thanks.

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I don't like gollum or either hobbit. And the relationships among the characters were merely stated.  I didn't get a single legitimate feeling from any of them.  It was just too full of itself in my opinion. Like I say- while very pretty, the thing was about as exciting as an Ent orgy. 

 fine. but I still found

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 fine. but I still found Indiana Jones to be boring, and the characters unsympathetic.

What I got from Lord of the Rings

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Hobbits: were obviously gay

Elves: were some kind of Vulcan/Viking

Gollum: was Peter Lorre's eligitimate son

The most overrated movie ever was Gone With the Wind

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No doubt one of the worse movies ever made

They may have been picking cotton down there but there was plenty of corn too. Like Scarlett's speech about she'll never being hungry again.


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I've seen LOTR I and III, and I thought they were both pretty tedious. Then again, I haven't read the books. Maybe that helps.

Some other films I think are overrated:
Crash: Unbelieveable situations provide the backdrop for speeches about racism that have the depth of an ABC Afterschool Special.

No Country For Old Men: Why is it that the Coens have received the most awards for their worst films? Muddled, pointless.


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The best critique I've heard of the rings franchise is that it's the cinematic equivalent of an Enya song: pretty, and flowery, but ultimately hollow.

There's Something About Mary

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Something completely, utterly humorless about her, too.

My overrated list

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FORREST GUMP (cheesy, tasteless and all-around ridiculous)


EXODUS (its idea of balance was showing an Arab leader who didn't want to fight)

LEAN ON ME (as obvious as a TV movie)

DEAD POET'S SOCIETY (especially the scene where he gets them to tear the introduction out of their books)


THE CONTENDER (when Senator Gary Oldman's wife says she's proud of him for introducing the death penalty for hate crimes, I could almost hear the screenwriter thinking "Conservatives are for the death penalty; liberals are against hate crimes")

CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR (love the bit where Julia Roberts says they're attacking Soviet Afghanistan "to end the Cold War":  they had to save the Cold War in order to destroy it)



Almost anything based on a John Grisham book

Almost anything with Julia Roberts

Almost anything with Jane Fonda

Almost anything with Michael Douglas (especially WALL STREET)

Overrated sitcom:  THE COSBY SHOW

Overrated miniseries:  ROOTS and HOLOCAUST (like Obama, they're protected from criticism by political correctness)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

A few comments on your decent list

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Julia Roberts was good in one movie; Pretty Woman.  She didn't have to act to play the part.  The only woman who actually managed to destroy a movie with Denzel Washington.

You left off ANYTHING based on (or for that matter written by) Stephen King.

Anything with Will Ferrell

Worst ending: Ransom.  That movie had the opportunity for an actual surprise ending.  Not on the level of The Usual Suspects but it had a chance, and then just before we get there the director decides 'I'd better give this away cheesily before the audience actually works it out for fun.' 

Overrated sitcom: Any of them

Overrated minseries: The Thorn Birds.  Aside from the fact it was abysmal, my now ex-wife taped over 4 of my MST3K's to 'capture' that drivel.

What about Elf?

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Zooey is in it!

Sorry Rajah

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Not even your Zooey could save this festering boil on the prostate of Satan Claws.

Surely you underestimate the power of The Zooey!

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She could make even the upcoming Yes Man watchable!

So your opinion of 'The Happening' was.....

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The problem with the thorn birds...

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...was that we all knew how it was going to end, and it went and ended exactly how we thought it would.

I'm not sure

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that anything with Will Ferrell is that highly rated in the first place if you're over 18. The guy plays the same character in different clothes in every film.

Stephen King needs a great director, like Kubrick or DePalma. Darabont's clicked with him, too. Most directors don't have a clue what to do with his stuff.

Most overrated sitcom: Probably Friends, although it had its moments.

Most overrated miniseries: The Winds of War. Great book, though.

Sitcoms you say?

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I never understood the big deal with the show Mad About You. For me most sitcoms qualify as humorous, but not funny. To me, humorous means of or related to humor, in other words, I might smirk or smile but I won't laugh out loud. Seinfeld used to make me laugh out loud, and there are a few others on TV that do as well, but there's a whole slew of shows that don't. There's a lot of shows that I even used to watch as a kid that as I think about now, never really made me laugh. I guess I used to watch them simply because they were on:

-Family Matters

-Dif'rent Strokes

-Full House

-Saved by the Bell (was more for the situation than the comedy)

I liked The Firm

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Although I've abandoned forever any and all Tom Cruise movies (excepting certain scenes involving Rebecca Demornay and subways), The Foim was snappy.  Groovy soundtrack, solid supporting roles, and Hackman was a great slimebag.

Your taste sucks

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i cant believe nobody put

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i cant believe nobody put the dark knight on their list.

it is BY FAR the most overrated movie of ALL TIME.

even if it was good, it's not the best movie of all time. not even close. i don't know what people are thinking when they say that.

big deal.

 true, its not like the

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 true, its not like the most awesome or epic or exciting. but it was still very good

Unmask the anonomyte!

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and then get the thing a decent haircut.


Dark Knight had its moments.  It suffered from a severe case of Christian Bale, however. And a lousy editor.


I found it discussed the ideal of Batman too much...

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...the whole thing about what batman was supposed to represent, can we do without him if Harvey takes over?  To much logical rehashing over a fantasy.

I enjoyed them trying to make the whole scenerio more realistic and less like the pages of a comic book.  That worked well.

The Dark Knight

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Yes, it's overrated. Maybe not the most overrated film of all time, but hardly worthy of its rating on imDb. The Academy did the right thing by NOT giving it a Best Pic nom. Heath Ledger was good, but it was just another superhero film, and not the best one at that.

I think they should make a film out of the campy TV Batman. BIFF! POW! SOCK! Now that I would like.

You forgot Saving Private Ryan and American Beauty...

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AKA Suck and Suckier.

I like Michael Douglas, though.  He's been in some clunkers, but he usually stands out. No great stretches, either- he just plays himself ala Hackman. 


edit: this oughta be under freep's post.

Agree with Saving Private

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Agree with Saving Private Ryan, but American Beauty is still one of the most gorgeous movies I've ever seen, and I think it's truly heartbreaking.  Conrad Hall's cinematography was second to none.  He was also the best thing about Road to Perdition.

A few more

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Forrest Gump (already mentioned, but I concur).  It was mildly tolerable until he started running for 3 years.  WTF?!?!

Wall-E.  God, Pixar really missed the mark with this one?  I really don't get the love.

Fight Club (sorry).  I really like David Fincher's other films (even Alien3 has its merits), but this is one Crankylander who'll take The English Patient over Fight Club anyday.

Babel.  A pretentious mess in which not nearly as much happens as we are led to believe by the trailer.  So bad its just bad.


One more (already mentioned by Coaster)

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Punch-Drunk Love.  Although I love Magnolia, I concur with Coaster re. Punch-Drunk Love.  This one just never went anywhere.  PT Anderson is (otherwise) an enormously gifted filmmaker, but I guess I just don't see what he saw in Adam Sandler....nor do I get what the Emily Watson character saw in his character.




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HS wrote:

Forrest Gump (already mentioned, but I concur).  It was mildly tolerable until he started running for 3 years.  WTF?!?!

Wall-E.  God, Pixar really missed the mark with this one?  I really don't get the love.

Fight Club (sorry).  I really like David Fincher's other films (even Alien3 has its merits), but this is one Crankylander who'll take The English Patient over Fight Club anyday.

Babel.  A pretentious mess in which not nearly as much happens as we are led to believe by the trailer.  So bad its just bad.


I don't get why people were saying they were like crying during Wall-E, I felt it didn't build tension. Still, it was entertaining.

And I see absolutely no merit in Alien 3. A terrible movie (although its not fincher's fault)


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Dogville, and the worst movie to ever win the oscar for best Picture Crash.

 E.T is definitely

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 E.T is definitely overrated. in fact, Steven Spielberg in general is overrated 


I don't know.  Have you

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I don't know.  Have you watched it recently?

It's just one of those feel good movies that doesn't really get old for me.  I watch once every few years or so.  Part of it's nostalgia, for sure, but it's a classic for a reason.

 I only saw it once last

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 I only saw it once last year, and it was one of those "so what was the big deal about this?" movies. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, even though the DVD menu ruined the best part for me D:< 

still, its not a bad movie, just not the classic everyone says it is 

After escaping this movie in the theater and avoiding it for 10+

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years, I was forced to watch it in a high school Spanish Spanish. AWFUL!

Spielberg couldn't make me fall in love with this ugly alien as a 3 year-old, but I do adore Reese's Pieces.

I thought E.T. was well done...

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...watching the recent airing of it proved it for me, a nicely filmed movie with a lot of interesting turns.  Even when the government steps in.  Can't say I agree with re-editing old scenes with CGI though.


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I haven't seen them all, but Crash has to be the worst Best Pic winner I've seen. Runner-up: Terms of Endearment.


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FORREST GUMP - Which I loathed because it glorified stupidity as being somehow "wiser" and "better" in than intelligence in virtually every human endeavor. He's a better husband/father/lover/student/athlete/counsellor/soldier BECAUSE he is stupid. I found the Sergeant's effusive praise of Gump as the best soldier he had ever seen because of his unquestioning stupidity and his willingness to follow virtually any order. (Why didn't we see the scenes where Gump rapes women and bayonets babies?)  Boy did I hate this movie!

MR HOLLAND'S OPUS - Aaargh! (Say again) Aaaargh! The film was predictably "feel-good", manipulative, and bathetic, a typical Hollywood tearjerker, and a such, not horrible. BUT . . . the final scene is Mr. Holland finally conducting his opus because . . . his former student the GOVERNOR OF THE STATE, who LOVES MUSIC has to cut all music programs in the state, destroying Mr. Holland's career and rationale for living . . . because she is "helpless". "It's the budget," the apologists for the ongoing rape of civilization whine.  That transforms this movie from a typical Sunset Boulevard mush-fest into active propaganda for "work, peons, eat shit until you die!" Repubo-Libertarian-Conservo-Religio Fucktards.

ALIENS 3 AND 4 - Aliens 1 and 2 were totally different movies, and both very good; and 3 and 4 were both hyper-bad movies, into totally different ways.

More vomit to come.  

2001 The Space Idiocy

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No plot, moved as slow as thought traversing Dubya's alcohol soaked brain, and the men in the lead roles were out acted by a computer.  It was enough to make me wish Arthur C. Clark had not broken up with Meriwether Lewis and was still doing them expeditions. 

Hey Freeper, what about Barbarella?

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It's rated as one of the worse movies ever made and it is!

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mr. Holland's Opus

Rajah's picture

I really thought this was going to be about Dreyfus and his pet penguin. It features the luscious Alicia Witt so the movie isn't a total loss.

About Forrest Gump

Rajah's picture

I don't think they were celebrating stupidity, it was more along the lines of what Peter Sellers did in Being There. People in the film thought Chance was wise and brilliant when really he had pudding for brains. Stupid people make big sometimes, some even go on to become president! Both films were laughing at society and that fickled state of celebrity.

It wasn't celebrating stupidity

Otm_Shank's picture

as much as redefining it. Remember that "stupid is as stupid does." And Gump did have admirable traits, such as a strong sense of morality. When he saved Lt. Dan's life, he was actually doing the opposite of what he was being told. He was doing what he thought was right.

A few more comments <MINOR SPOILERS PERHAPS>

HS's picture

In defense of Robert Zemeckis and of the films merits, Forrest Gump was technically accomplished (it did some great things in terms of FX), it showed America during its most tumultuous (recent) decades, and it had a great soundtrack.  I'm not sure if Hanks's performance was good or bad - I DID like Robin Wright Penn as Jenny, though I thought Sally Field was dreadful as Mama Gump.  The problem is in its sappy, cloying, maudlin BS.  I have nothing against an emotional movie, but this film had the cheesiest three-hanky last half-hour since Gone With the Wind.  Mostly, I just felt that we didn't deserve to be hit over the head with such sloppy, pandering emotion, since the movie did a decent job bridging comedy and drama in its first 90 minutes.  It went off the deep end when he decided to start running and DIDN'T STOP FOR 3 YEARS, WTF?!?!  And I could go the rest of my life without ever hearing "Stupid is as stupid does" again.  What does that even mean?  So yes, it's generally overrated, especially when you compare it to other, NON-BEST PICTURE-WINNING films of that year such as Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Quiz Show, Ed Wood, The Lion King, Hoop Dreams, etc.


As for Alien3, it was generally just too downbeat for audience tastes, methinks - starting with the gruesome autopsy of Newt (played by Carrie Henn in 1986's Aliens).  But the prison setting had lots of atmosphere and potential, and the cinematography was terrific.  Also, I could've done without Ripley's Christ-like posing as she plunged into the pit of fire.  And Michael Biehn was missed.  


I mostly dug Alien: Resurrection (aka Alien 4) and its quirky cast (Ron Perlman!  Michael Wincott!  Dan Hedaya!) but again, it plunged the deep end with Ripley snogging the alien (or something like that). 


I'm not sure about 2001.  It LOOKS great, and has possibly the greatest instrumental score of any movie ever made - but I wish it didn't take multiple viewings to truly get it.  Maybe that's the point.  One of the only films that's truly over my head.



Forrest Gump doesn't have a great soundtrack

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It has an obvious soundtrack, all the hits. I thought the movie was pretty good the first time i saw it, but i was 14 or 15, i saw it later, and read negative reviews, and i pretty much agree with the flaws, but is a very entertaining movie.

"Stupid is as stupid does"

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What is means (at least to me) is that people should be judged on their actions instead of their native intelligence. A lot of the people in "Forrest Gump" who were considered smart did some stupid things.

I also LOVE Alien...

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...cuz in space, no one can 'ere you.  At all.  Sound just doesn't travel well there. 

Hated American Beauty.  Pretty movie, as jazz notes (heh) and I've gotten into discussions with people who've almost convinced me that it is satire and not hatefulness that you'll see if you "look closer", but I just don't buy it.  At least, the satire is lost on me.  Too blatant. Too hateful.  Trash isn't pretty, and dead guys can't narrate. Period.

Actually, I would consider

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Actually, I would consider Alien to be pretty overrated. The pacing is very slow but its not that scary.

Aliens is 10 times better




The Happening sucked

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I blame the director

With that director

gamerarocks's picture

it's a given.  >:)


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Don't get me wrong The Haps WAS the worst fucking movie... maybe ever. But it is only the director's fault inasmuch as he won't let anyone else fucking WRITE his movies.  Otherwise that dude's as gifted behind the camera as anyone else who's plied the trade.


PS mastah klives, I saw the director's cut of Alien and, agreed, it did drag.  Much moreso than the original. I didn't mind it so much because I just love the feel of the whole thing.  But the extended visual sequences did take away from the actual scares. I still don't know how anyone could not love Raiders, though. What a ride!


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Alien and Aliens are two completely different kinds of movies.  Alien is sci-fi horror, (and considering the budget in it makes it more impressive) while Aliens makes no excuses for its brand of sci-fi action.  Personally I loved them both for what they were.  3 was a let down, looking back I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up but two solid movies will do that.  4, what can I say about 4 that hasn't been said.  Saying it sucked would insult movies that actually qualify to suck.

P.S. - your gif ROCKS

HS, an explanation about Gump:

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You seem very annoyed about his running non-stop for three years, but I don't see it as that unbelievable.   What he was really running away from was the intense pain caused by Jenny, the love of his life, who had rejected and abandoned him yet again.  

She makes love to him for the first time the night before, then she disappears the next morning without a single word.   Some guys would've drank heavily for three years, or moved away to Jamaica, or buried themselves in work, or what have you.  Gump ran.

Besides, it was the 70's.  Everybody was doing it.

Other over-rated movies include "Jaws,"  "Annie Hall," "The Piano," and almost anything with John Wayne.

JAWS?!?!?! OVERATED?!?!?!

michael3b's picture

"bet you'd like to prove that...get yer name one the national GEO-graphic."

Them's fightin words, son.

My family has, since the advent of VHS, sat down every christmas, after exchanging gifts and eating brunch, and watched a salty ol' sea captain tell a tale of a shortstop being bitten in half below the waist by a tiger shark.  Poor Herbie Robinson!  I fucking LOVE that flick.

Agreed  on Annie Hall- Manhattan (in that vein) was always the better flick in my mind.

And who made a crack about John Wayne?

Rajah's picture

Why don't ya pee on the flag while you're at it?

That old see captin line helped lead to an exhoneration...

TMundo_too_lazy_to_log_in's picture

...of the captain that was falsely blamed for the actual ship going down. Some kid saw the movie, did some research, and after numerous letters to the Navy, he somehow got them to exhonerate the blamed captain. Unfortunately, the captain had killed himself years ago because he had recieved one too many angry letters from families of the sailors that had died.

The whole mishap was initially the Navy's fault, but they decided to pin it on someone else rather than take the blame.


Decaf's picture

I HATE this movie. And yet people are always drooling over it. Its completely awful though 


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


Grease is an overrated musical

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Fun, but it pales next to classics such as West Side Story, Cabaret, or The Music Man.


gamerarocks's picture

at the time ONJ was still a bright fresh face, JT was demonstrating that he was more than a goof on 'Welcome Back Kotter', and for what it was it was relatively well cast.  I don't think it's aged particularly well, but at the time it was only perhaps slightly overrated.  (please do not misinterpret this as a defense, just trying to look back and recall)

Gee, thanks guys...

Coaster's picture

Now somebody please tell me how to get that insipid cloying Summer Nights song to stop playing in my head.

I could make it worse

gamerarocks's picture


Grease is the word

Rajah's picture

Olivia started out so sweet and innocent and ended up like this

She scares Rajah!

Smoking kills

gamerarocks's picture

more than just lung cells.  (shouldn't you be drooling over Zooey?)

A Beautiful Mind

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What a piece of crap that movie was. Just a looney and crying wife, and not even a historically accurate version at that.

Other overrated films.

12 MONKEYS: Again, another crazy man part gets Hollywood praise. Brad Pitt sucks in it as much as he sucks in everything he did.

FIGHT CLUB: Nobody really went to see it, but everyone after the fact raved about it. A phoney film for phonies, most of whom don't even get it.

CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR: History as told via sitcom.

THELMA AND LOUISE: White trash bitches on the run. Sounds like a 70's B movie, not a 1990's Ridley Scott film.

GANGS OF NEW YORK: Take Day Lewis out and the film is another generic gangster movie, all Scorsese did was change the time period.

I really liked A Beautiful Mind

Otm_Shank's picture

until I read the book. It's much better.

kittypooh, please remove the

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kittypooh, please remove the link to your signature.  It reeks of spam and we don't want links pointing to sites like that.

Besides, it's nofollow anyway.


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The Blair Witch Project - 90 minutes of watching dunderheads get lost in a woods to see one dude standing in a corner.

The English Patient - Apparently, we're supposed to side with the woman cheating on her husband and the husband's friend who's sleeping with his wife.

The Matrix - Terminator meets Hackers, until Keanu turns into Superman in the last five minutes.

Office Space - Other than a few good Dilbert bits at the beginning, just a cliché plot of a scheme gone out of control.


I'll bet you watched Blair Witch on video

Otm_Shank's picture

I saw it in a theater. It was the last showing on a weeknight and there were five people in the place, and it really creeped me out. I can understand why it wouldn't be impressive on a home screen, though. Too low-fi.

Most over rated movies

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No Country for Old Men: This movie is good but seriously, should it really have won the Best Picture Award?

Paris, Texas: I HATED this movie. Hated every character in it.

overrated movies

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what about "All About Eve"? Amazing that there can be a movie with no sympathetic characters whatsoever


FearlessFreep's picture

Watching it in recent years, it occurred to me that the critic played by George Sanders was clearly gay.


Almost Anything with Robin Williams

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Williams is Awful. Just awful. I had to sit through Man of the Year, and Bicentennial Man... all which came with great reviews. I can't imagine why, yet people love the guy. He can't act and he's not funny.


Also, the three "new" Star Wars films- Beginning with The Phantom Menace. Lucas lost his creativity somewhere back in the 80's. He should have retired.

Another note- Eddie Murphy's recent stuff all blows too. The Haunted Mansion, Imagine, etc. I liked Coming to America and Beverly Hills Cop, but those were a long time ago.

He was good in

michael3b's picture

The Fisher King.  Man, I love that flick.

"Good Will Hunting" (The Academy agreed with me....)

Coaster's picture

I've seen that and The Fisher King about half a dozen times each and loved them each time.

Also good were The World According to Garp,  Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Awakenings, and Patch Adams.  Lastly, without his voice and improvisations, Alladan would have been just another dumb Disney cartoon.

good reviews for Bicentennial man?

Critico's picture


No one mentioned "Twilight"?!?

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I'll include all four of the Twilight movies, if the first was any indication.


In defense of Gump:

Wulfgar's picture

It's not supposed to be a feel-good movie about a retard and deep retard wisdom, it's a satire, mocking all the  film tropes inherent to the genre. When Gump does something stupid, such as running for 3 years, people join him, following him like he's the latest fad in self-acualization...when he's just a retard who runs when things get bad in his life; it's kinda like Being There with running. And a shrimp-boat.

That's another thing; the whole thing where after they spend all the time showing the Bubba/Gump relationship developing, only to kill Bubba (with some of the briefest and banal "last words" in film history strongly supports the idea that Gump is intended as a humorous subversion of audience expectations.


And that's all I have to say about that.



Starship Troopers works on that level, too, plus, bonus titties! Gave rise to a decent, non-ironic CG-animated TV series, too.


Overrated: the Star Wars prequels; the suck, suck, sucksucksucksuckSUCK. "Midiclorians" my muthafuckin ass! Rife with terrible writing, characterizations, acting, overdone eye-candy CG FX spooge, excess goofiness (while I don't hate Jar-Jar, a little goes a long way -- the CN mini-series and CG-animated TV show based on Clone Wars tend to be better, so far, than the prequel films). Oh, I could go on and on, but I'm getting pissed just typing this.



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


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