The most pirated movie of all time (so far)

is Avatar?  Ok fine geekboys who get off on special effects rule the top 10 list, but Avatar?  Christ even Kevin Costner thought that was a lame movie.  The ONLY thing that saves it at ALL are the effects, and the 3D was crap.  Cameron can hang his hat on that all he wants but he's done FAR better work.


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I agree!

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Kevin Costner was horrible in Avatar.

Hell, I *Liked* it!

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And I'm going to pirate it and give away copies to all my friends and family just to help it maintain it's spectacular record as most pirated film.  ARRRRRRRRRGH I say!

My wife paid to see this in a first run theater 3 times, my son 4 times, and me, 5 times.  All five of mine were Imax 3D.  Oh yeah. 

Don't think I've ever watched a movie more than once...

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 while it was still in the theaters. Sure I'd watch it again when it get's on tv but very few movies hold up to repeated viewings for me. The newness wears off quickly and we've become so jaded with these special effects it gets old hat too soon.

And what's up with the remakes? Did we really need another The Thing and Footloose?

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