Movie watcher available to watch your movies and make out with you

swm desires s spectrum colored f to provide movies to watch. I will watch and critique your movies and make out with you if necesary. Romantic comedies are a no no, love stories are acceptable. Enjoys Fight Club, Memento, Following.

No pornos please.


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What is this?

Kangagang's picture


What the hey?

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I thought you were married, TMundo?

He's both married AND a Christian

Coaster's picture

So I think those things cancel each other out.

j/k. Don't hit me.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


Is their room for a joke or two here?

TMundo's picture

As if I'd actually use this place to meet women if I was single. Gimme a break.

You didn't say anything about women...

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I think this is a very good time to kick the amyl nitrate.


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You lost me at "spectrum colored", which years of Photoshoppery makes me immediately think of rainbow stripes.

I thought spectrum collored "f" as in "F"emale covered that

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spectrum as in any color in the spectrum as opposed to not being colored.

This is a meeting women place? Good luck with that.

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Dream on.

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