Movies that hurt your inner child?

Inspired by "Land of the Lost", and the "Transformers" movies, and the upcoming "G.I. Joe" movie, and all the recent announcements that boil down to, "let's make a movie based on this nostalgic toy/show/cartoon/game/whatever!"

What was the movie (or whatever) that made your inner child cry.  (Pause...)  OK, aside from the "Star Wars" prequels or DTV Disney/Don Bluth/ ect. sequels*, what movie made your inner child cry?

I get to reach back for mine.  I remember not being excited but more puzzled when I saw the first commercial for the first sequel to one of my most beloved childhood films.  That should have been a warning.  I still rented it out of curiosity.

That movie was "The Neverending Story: The Next Chapter", and it took a crowbar to my inner child's kneecaps. 


* - I had a feeling those would come up a lot if I didn't nip them in the bud (butt?)  And this is coming from somebody who is still hurting over "Timmy to the Rescue".



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Dont have one for me. How about my children's innner children?

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Harriet the Spy with Rosie O'Donnell.  This had them both questioning whether they should ever see another movie made from a beloved kid's book.

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I would have to say Doctor Doolittle

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Not the Eddie Murphey film which was actually pretty good but the musical version with Rex Harrison. Although Samatha Eggar was droolerific, Rajah absolutely hates musicals! Besides there were never any love interests for the doctor in the books.

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