Moyer's Special Comment to Obama : No more nice guy, Mr. President, we need a fighter

I second that emotion

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I was having that discussion earlier this week

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President Obama is a fine orator, he comes across with strong convictions.  That being said there will always, ALWAYS, be those who disagree with what he says.  That holds true for any politican, or opinion for that matter.

Now that Mr Obama has been in office for half a year plus, the time is overdue for him to stop letting pundits, lawmakers, the media or anyone else tell the nation what his plans or policies are.  America still has the feel of a raft in the ocean, going wherever current public opinion takes it.  That's the same bullschist that has brought us to this place.  If healthcare truly is the primary focus of your administration, prove it this week.  Don't simply toss out pretty words; give us all, lawmakers and citizens alike, an overview of your plan that addresses the concerns questions and complaints there are.  No more guessing, no more whining, no more politicizing.  Set the course, keep the crew informed, and stay behind the wheel.

This is your chance, to lead, or to disappoint.

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


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