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Forget about a regime change in Libya we need a regime change right here at home


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We had one. We got rid of that disaster, Bush.

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And you need another one

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sorry do disappoint

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Ralph Nader will never get elected here.  Maybe you can import him and he can run Canada.  I'm sure those good folks in Alberta would appreciate a man like Nader. 

Obama is doing a damn fine job.  Seriously. 

Sad to say it but I disagree

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While the Goppers are busy trying to undo everything Democrats have accomplished since FDR is our president fighting back? Hell no, he so wants to reach that state of nirvana known as bi-partisianship he's bending like a reed in the wind. I and many progressives feel the same way. We want a president that will fight back or at least appear to fight back before he compromises everything away. Yeah, the tone is a bit different but I'm starting to see little difference in the policies both here and abroad. He dared us to hope so I dared for a moment or two but then was disappointed in this president. Come on, he really was an unknown quanity when we elected him. Now we have seen what he is made of and I find him lacking. Heck, all a democratic candidate has to do is move left and they'll steal away all his base from him. I laugh when people call him a liberal cause you would have to be on the extreme extreme right to think Obama is a liberal. He's right down there in the wishy washy middle. You don't know what he stands for cause he doesn't stand there long enough for you to tell. Will I vote for him again? Well, given no real choice I guess I'll have to for any clown that the Goppers come up with is bound to be far worse. I'm amazed he hasn't seen the opportunity handed to him in Wisconsin, Ohio and the other states where the Dems are on fire. But that's the way it is for no drama Obama. Maybe they'll hand the next election to him by nominating Michele(batshit crazy)Bachmann as the Goppers' candidate.

Yeah. WTF has Obama Done?

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If it comes to making a choice between an idealist and a pragmatist who can get things done, my vote is with the pragmatist. 

Oh, Not Enough? Here's a list of Over 650 Accomplishments

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Thus far.


Remember the Bush years and count your blessings.

About him ending torture...

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There is the case of Private Manning or is that by the book as far as the Army goes?


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Anyone on suicide watch gets the same treatment. 

Far better treatment than many of our clandestine allies exposed by that fucking worm have gotten, I'll wager.  I hope he rots in hell, and takes that puss bag Assange with him. 

Coaster you need to open your eyes

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Obama has gone back on many of his campaign promises

Just recently on closing Gitmo

He can't close Gitmo. Congress has made that impossible.

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They've passed laws forbidding the relocation of prisoners to U.S. soil for any reason. The popular thing in Congress, and for state and local governments is to keep the terrorists in Gitmo and out of this country. The reasoning behind this, which both I and the Obama administration doesn't buy, it twofold: 1)A terrorist is more likely to get off if tried in a civilian court; and 2)If we have terrorists imprisoned on American soil, it will make us targets for terrorist attacks.

The failure of the U.S. to close Gitmo isn't Obama's fault, it's Congress' fault, and out fault for electing a bunch of nutless, clueless congressmen.

Try again.

Obama's moment of truth is at hand...

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Here's what the Goppers are planning >

The question is will Obama stand up to them like Bill Clinton did when Newt tried this same shit back then or will he be "reasonable" and let them destroy all these programs. If you'll remember Clinton called their bluff and let then shut the government down. Take away the tax breaks for the rich and suddenly all the money needed for these programs appears. It will negate all of Obama's accomplishments if he doesn't make a stand against these thugs.

The dude in the next link says so much more eloquently what I'm trying to say. It expresses what alot of people who voted for Obama are feeling right now.


The American people owe a big debt to Manning

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He broke the rules to show Americans the truth and is now paying a big price for being a whistle-blower.

Whose side are you on?


Manning hasn't been convicted of anything

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And even if he was they have no right to torture him

Um, how is it he is being tortured?

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He has to sleep naked?  Oooooooo.  My deepest sympathies to that weasel.  I'll send him a box of Kleenex to wipe away the tears.  That spoild self-important bastard is still getting three hots and a cot.  How many hot meals are his victims in Afghanistan getting?  Oh none, that's right.  Dead people don't need no food. 

I'm on the side of all the innocent people that Mannign screwed

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What did the ambasadors that lost their posts because of Manning do?  They were honest in their assessments of the countries where they were assigned.  They were doing thier jobs. 

I appreciate the risks that Afghan in Iraqi civilians who were outed in the leakfest took on behalf of their willingness to join the fight against Al Quaeda and the Taliban.  May they rest in peace. 

Hell, I'd give Manning his clothing back.  Hell, I'd give him a freakin' ten-foot painter's ladder and a six-foot rope. 

Jeb Bush is available!!!!!!!!

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he was a most excellant governor of the great state of Florida & he fought & defeated numerous hurricanes. Also he's married to a Mexican which should help get the Hispanic vote.

Thought we were better than this

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Thought Obama would act differently than Bush

You wanted Nadar and voted for Obama

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I wanted Obama and I got Obama. 

I'm a happy camper.  See list of Obama Accomplishments Thus Far in the post below to see why.  When you're reading them, note how un-Bush like they are. 

I wanted Hillary but settled for Obama

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It's not like I had a choice. I sure wasn't going to vote for that old coot and that crazy bitch from Alaska. The Healthcare Insurance  Reform Bill was Hillary's baby. She would've put of more of a fight than Obama's half ass attempt. He pretty much let Congress handle it and offered little leadership in shaping it. The Dems didn't know what he wanted. Obama just doesn't get it, you put up a fight before you compromise. Obama starts off compromising. He's a pushover and the latest fight over the budget proves my point. So go ahead and be satisfied with your glass half full. I'm hoping a new leader will emerge soon. As for Obama, I've already seen that movie. I now know what to expect from him. Is he better than a Republican? Well about anything is better than a Republican so that's not saying much.

Rachel Maddow on Obama's Budget Speech

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Personally I think it was a good step in the left direction. It's about time he said those things. Yeah, he can give good speeches, the question is will he cave in yet again when the Goppers hold the Debt Ceiling Cap hostage?

Anthony Weiner PWNS Jack Kingston

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Jack Kingston was in my kindergarden class. I should've smothered him with a pillow during naptime when I had the chance back then...

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