By my count it's about 260-1...

I would like to know how they get the information on exactly who has been killed so quickly (e.g. "mostly militia"). And if Israel knew there were smuggling tunnels, why not close them by means other than 250 tons of high explosives?  Fuck these fucks, sending text messages "By the way, we are going to obliterate your neighborhood."  I hate that the US has anything to do with any of this beyond humanitarian support.

And the US response has been as impotent as ever. "Hamas, please stop making the chosen people wipe your civilian population out by tossing piss-ant rockets over their border."  And, "We are concerned about humanitarian needs being met in Gaza."  Well, if 200 tons of weaponry are being dropped in densely populated areas, I am sure that there is a problem in that regard.

Bottom line: there's no reaosn to think that this crap isn't being perpetuated from both sides of he extremist fence. And even if it isn't...why are we so heavily tied into these people?  Another fucking knot tied by the great pre-emptive GW.



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