My List of Must See Movies Currently in Theaters

  • The King's Speech;
  • The King's Speech;
  • The King's Speech; and
  • The King's Speech.

Believe it or not I liked this film so much that I've viewed it twice in the last two weeks despite it having hardly an iota of mystery, no martial arts, not one chase scene, and nothing whatsoever blowing up.  I am right now trying to grow an extra arm just so I can give this film three thumbs up.


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That movie makes no sense at all

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How the heck does a pirate become a speech therapist?


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King George VI was only having difficulties with his RRRRRR's.

A good friend

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was a stutterer. He tromped off to Europe in the early 70s where he experienced life for a bit, then returned - freed of his stuttering. He moved back in with his family, and, unfortunately, Stan was stuttering again within six months. Whether there was a correlation or not, I don't know, but I suspect so.

Two months later, Stan lost control of the car he was driving and ran it into a tree. At the time, I was home for the funeral of another good friend who rode his airplane into the depths of cold northern waters. I experienced the unintended benefit of attending two funerals within days of each another - something I never want to do again. Although, I don't think that will happen, since all of my close friends are now deceased thanks to experiencing the occasionally fatal occupational hazard.

* sniffle *

But enough about me. What about you?

I just this minute returned from Country Strong, where

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Gwyneth Paltrow did the honors as a c&w songstress on the short side of the slide. I enjoyed wathching her, as I always do, but it was a tad long at two hours.

The three trailers provided me with a good chuckle, as they appeared in the following order:

Beastly Never Say Never Prom

As much as I'd enjoy drooling over Gwyneth

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I hate country music more than I can say

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