The New Adventures of Ole Shep Cranky Fanfic Round Robin or whathaveyou

Chapter Such & Such:

Shep was tired.

Shep was beat.

Shep was being hammered...

...mentally, in the way that flashbacks sometimes occur in a movie trying desparately to emulate mental anguish without being too direct but failing miserably in thinking that it's audience is dumb and thus spelling it out for them...

...yeah, Shep couldn't stop thinking about 'her', and what had happened.

They were in the back of Shep's Mini Cooper SS.  It was his favorite car, and they enjoyed riding in it.  It had the one of those personalized plates with the words, "MEEEEEE," spelled out on it.  And so, because of this, they had decided to name the car, MEEEEEE.

"Is that what do you remember most about her?" remarked 66.

"I remember me not answering questions from you about my personal life and I'll thank you not to ask me again!" remarked Shep.

66 was the agency's secretary who had a thing for Shep, but understood deep in her heart that he was Alpo, and she was nothing more than Kibbles n' Bits.  Never the less she was persistant.

"We could discuss it further over dinner?" she said.

*sigh* "We've had this conversation before, you know." remarked Shep.

"Yes, I know," said 66, you're the one that started it," she said, "you know, about the mini cooper?"

"I was just rambling!" yelled Shep!  "Leave me alone!"  He hurried out while quickly grabbing hold of his flask and taking a large swig.

"Ahhh," he thought. there's nothing better than a bath of grandpa's old tub fermented juice to quell old memories I'm unable to remenisce on due to present pressures at work, except for maybe toilet water, oh yeah, what was that about living life on life's terms that guy said?

Anyway, Shep had a job to do, and he was gonna do it...

Okay folks, I like this Shep character Rajah has created, he's got style, and who doesn't like dogs that talk.  I want more of it, so get out your writting minds and get creative.  Remebre to emulate Rajah's original writing style and if you weren't around for the original series than do your best.  I've seen the work of some of you, I know you've got it in you.  Try and refrain from taking pot-shots at other posters and write as much as you can in each excerpt.  If you must be political, be funny, we want to be entertained not annoyed.  Have at it!


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The Continuing Saga of Ole Shep (why Mr. T why?!?!)

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The scene opens on THE WOODCHUCK talking to a moose in the Alaskan wilderness:

"She must be stopped, that bitch is a menace!" whines Bullwinkle Moose


A flashback to the the night of the Biden vs Palin debate: Ole Shep and THE WOODCHUCK are watching the debate in CHUCK'S cave.

"Hey, she winked at me again!" drools Shep

<THE WOODCHUCK slaps Shep hard across the nose>


"Sorry, ever since she went back to that pig Todd I can't get her out of my mind" mourns Ole Shep


"Still no one could holler like Sarah when I apply my tongue" remembers Shep

Oh, what the heck.

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Meanwhile, back in the present...  (Just like "Heroes"! :)

Shep was bushed.  Shep drove MEEEEEE home, entered his house, tossed the keys on the living room coffee table, and made a pot of coffee.  His looked over and saw his pet human, Ritt, enjoying "High School Musical Part 912".  Shep sighed.

"Oh, hump everything!" he randomly howled.

"Ruff?" Ritt asked.

"I just wanna chase a squirrel and piss on a hydrant!  Is that so wrong?!"


"Ritt, I can't live as a dog anymore," Shep whined, leaning in.  "I know too much!!!"

And Shep ran up to his room and howled and howled.  Ritt felt very sad.  He cried too.

Then the smiling people in the magic movie box sang a song about the Power of Friendship, and Ritt forgot what had just happened.  Something about a horrible secret...

(Batter up.)

uhhh, BUMP?

TMundo's picture that okay to do here?  I have a very vague understanding of it's meaning.

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