New Site Problem Cropped Up Just This Morning . . .

I logged on and my eyes went immediately to my favorte part of the site:  The Busted Tees ad.  But what greeted my bloodshot but hungry eyes this morning?  A DUDE!!!!  Some dreadlocked punk in a tee.  Sorry, but Coaster doesn't swing that way.  Puleeeeze don't do that again.

Be nice to Coaster and someday, I'll actually click on that ad.   Promise.


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How can it be a busted tee with a dude wearing it?

Rajah's picture

Men don't have breasts unless it's an old dude

Post - Op?

gamerarocks's picture

Nothing but chicks on the ads here, maybe your computer is giving you suggestions based on your preferences?  Go ahead and click the ad, if nothing else you'll smile.

Elderly gentlemen

RidingFool's picture

are quite fond of breasts, but only when they're on women in dark rooms.

okay, yes, those shirts are quite funny...

TMundo's picture

I was almost gonna buy one but I remembered I don't use a credit card.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to make one at work.

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