Newt Gingrich rips into John King for asking question about his second marriage

It's Newt being his usual dickish self. Hey, if you have such a big ego to run for president you have to expect that everything that you've said or done in your life is fair game. My sister [who's a republican] was going on and on how unfair the media was to Herman Cain. Nope, they were just doing their job and if you can't take the heat then don't run for president. Instead of keeping his cool and taking it with a bit of grace Newt throws a fit. You stick your neck out there to run for president it might get your head chopped off. A smart man would know this, that's why many of them don't run for president.

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You might as well elect a rock.

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The stone will do as much for your economy, the electorate and your Constitutional rights as any of the other candidates.

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