No cenral weekly forum...

...will this come when new film reviews are written? If so, when and who will write them? A central weekly forum makes this place what it is, on the other hand, taking it to a dispersed imdb kind of thing breaks things up a bit and changes the structure of why someone comes to the page to post. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.


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I liked how the overall "conversation" would morph (when spammers were outta the picture). Less likely to happen with compartmentalization...but maybe it'll keep the vitriolic folk on topic. Either way we oughta pick a place each week for centralized, streamlined bullshitting..

That's kind of what the

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That's kind of what the central forums are for, to house all of your guys' insane random ramblings.

But if you want a central forum, I would just use the most recent review from the front page. New reviews will start being posted again before the end of this month.


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is a certainty.

Kind of? KIND OF?!?!

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Yeah, that makes sense. But, I like the single forum. Reminds me of being trapped in an asylum...or, you know, like my childhood.

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