Now that Coaster's gone tatoo crazy, here's a few other ideas he can try...


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A 1968 Rod Steiger movie, based on Ray Bradbury's stories.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Coaster always wanted a Klingon forehead

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I want horns like Hellboy!

Well now, how would you like that guy in the video

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as a representative of your business, sitting up proud for all to see, greeting people at the firm of Benson, Hedges and Cancer? Even in a freak show, he couldn't cut it, because the actual freaks would elbow him out of the way.

On the other hand, put him out in front in a thunderstorm.

Yeah, I watched a bit of The Illustrated Man

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With only the first 20 minutes under my belt, it would seem to be a film about hobos.  One of the hobos, played by steiger, claims people don't stay around him long because when they stare at the tatoos (that cover him from the neck down) the tatoos come to life.  Aside from that, the guy seems to be a grouch, which may explain why nobody hangs around him very long.

The film would seem innocent enough if not for the ominous music.

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