Now that Herman Cain is out

who is your favorite Republican nominee?

who has the best chance of winning in November?


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You mean who is the top clown now?

Rajah's picture

 That would have to be Rick Perry

Now that's just harsh.

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Eight supreme court justices have decreed it to be so - including Motormouther or whatever her name is.

And I pick, uhh, jebus, it's so hard to pick the chief klown these days. They're all so laughable. What gets me is that no one in the media calls it for the clown show that it is.

For fuck's sake, doesn't anyone have a sense of humor any more?

I pick 'em all, and trust you'll get what you deserve.


That's all it's about

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not about who might make the better president, just about who has the better chance of winning.  You'd like to think they're one and the same wouldn't you.

Personally, as my state isn't involved in the early process, I go out of my way to pay as little attention to this group of fame whores as possible. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


This is by far the most entertaining election ever!

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 And it's not over yet

Anyone who actually wants to be president is insane and anyone who doesn't know they are going to dig up everything you've said or done since the day you were born is a fool. I think most of the Republican field aren't seriously running for president. They are just there to sell books and get speaking engagements. Fools like Trump and Gingrich haven't a clue that people don't really like them. Go stroke your motherfucking egoes someplace else.

I for one will be

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reading the bible and consulting the Preying Man-tis in Tulsa prior to casting my ballot.

Who outed the Cainster?

a_dingo_ate_my_baby's picture


It was a conspiracy

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 According to Cain

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