Is Obama the Antichrist?

I don't know about you

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but I'm packin' my anti-Christ suitcase and stocking up on food, fuel, firearms and ammo for the flight of fancy that will occur when Obama is crowned king of the hill. That Arab is gonna cut off oil, turn America into A'mecca, point the roof of the new Black House straight down to Hell, and anoint Islam as the state-supported and -sponsored religion.

All that after he swears in on the Koran, of course.

U.S.S.A. > United Socialist States of America

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Bring on the Rapture! Once the "good" people are gone we can start having fun!

Exactly! I'll even start

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wearing pants!


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What is he? or who is he? I believe he's the anti-Christ or one of his helpers what due you think?

Doesnt the anti-christ unite the world against God through money

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or something like that, isn't it too soon to tell?

I'm christian, trying to be, I voted for him, the guy isn't God, he's not gonna wave a magic wand and fix everything, he's just a man. I wasn't voting for McCain.

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