Obama bombs Libya

Is it not time the Swedish nerds asked for their Peace Prize back?


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When will they ever learn?

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Another war and not a peep from anybody in opposition. This didn't work with Saddam and it won't work with Khaddafy Duck. We and our allies are bound to lose planes with all the mobile anti-aircraft guns and missiles in place. I'm not surprised the Goppers aren't objecting, they're a bunch of hawks anyway. BTW, again this is not our war to fight. The protesters got lucky in Egypt and Tunisia but it doesn't look like it's going to work out in Libya. Such are the fortunes of revolution. Still it doesn't mean we should interfere. It's much better when the people free themselves.

Might is right.

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Too bad its unaffordable.

Iran. Afghanistan. Attack drones in Pakistan and ground incursions. Attack drones in other mid-East countries. Drones invading Mexican airspace because of the stupidity of a drug war - another never-ending war declared on home soil and bound to expand into Mexico. Military bases still in Europe and Asia. An army stretched to the limit. A navy starting to rust.

Good luck, boys - the U.N.'s approval notwithstanding.

Canada sent a couple of flights and a rust bucket. We can pay for that.


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