Obama bows down to Japan

He's only supposed to bow down to the big banks

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Only if you look at things

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through American/Western eyes.  It's customary there and nothing more than that. 

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


How low will he go?

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You do not bow & shake hands at the same time. He looks like a doofus. Very not presidential. The Emperor should bow to him and ask his forgiveness for Pearl Harbor.

Bush would never kiss ass like that or would he?....

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Bush and Abdullah

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It's certainly peculiar that Bush and Abdullah were so friendly, but I don't anything wrong with it. As for Obama, I think its clear that he finds president too humble a position for a superior person such as himself. When he finally gets around to declaring himself king or emperor or whatever, we will all be doing that ridiculous bow-and-handshake combo.

Here's some rogue

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ass to kiss for all of her fans in here:

Getcher jollies here

TYT : Cenk slams the Washington Times for their racist remarks

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