Obama is a bum

From the NY Times:

Mr. Obama has had a notable medical problem: a difficulty in stopping smoking. It is not known how heavily he smoked. Dr. Scheiner [Obama's doctor] wrote that Mr. Obama began smoking at least two decades ago and had made several efforts to stop. Mr. Obama has used Nicorette gum “with success,” Dr. Scheiner wrote, without defining success.

Mr. Obama said he quit smoking in 2007 when he began his presidential campaign. But he has “bummed” cigarettes since then, he has said.

Also, Dr. Scheiner did not provide a standard measure of smoking risk. It is known as pack years — the number of packs smoked a day multiplied by the number of years a person has smoked. The pack-year number is used to help determine a patient’s risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease and other tobacco-related ailments.

Information about Mr. Obama’s smoking is relevant because studies show that the risk of cancer and other tobacco-related serious diseases declines after an individual stops smoking, but not until then.

According to the newly released documents, in January 2007 Mr. Obama had a total cholesterol level of 173 (HDL 68 and LDL 96) and triglycerides of 44. Those levels were normal.



{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  You see?  That's what these liberal Dems do.  Spend other people's money to feed their own addictions.


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As a typical Republican-leaning non-voter, I must ask

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why does he get free health care? Is he a Canadian Muslim? And who pays for his patches? Does his wife sew them on, or does he use a maidservant?

Dirty filthy Muslim traitor and smoker.

Obama is a Marxist Communist

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He is all about spreading the wealth

McCain is spreading the welfare myth

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Cause he's a bigot

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