Obama cabinet full of tax cheats & money grubbers

Take a look in the pockets of Hillary's pantsuits - they are full of dirty Arab money - & we just thought she had a fat ass. Cabinet full of money grubbers like Hillary: loser Tom Daschele - loser Bill Richardson - loser Holder & loser Geithner (Treasury secretary) where is that nice John Edwards when we really need him


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Point of Fact

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Bill Richardson dropped out of the running for Secretary of Commerce on January 5th.  Maybe you can have a shot at it. 


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WTF is a "pantsuit"?!?  Obviously, Missy Busty is a guy.  A guy who knows as much about politics as he does about fashion.  How's it hanging, ex?  Are you a D-cup yet?

Mal, if you will allow me to use a bit of X-Language.....

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(sorry, I just made myself gag)

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