Obama Coat Advertisement moved From Times Square to Queens Midtown Tunnel

     Apparently there was a billboard advertisement for some coat company hanging in Times Square and it was seen on TV by white house correspondants during the New Years Eve celebration who said, "No way!"  They didn't approve of it.  And why should they.  When has a pres who's still in office sold out to be a clothing model?

     I didn't know about any of this until the other nigh on my way into the city I spotted the aforementioned ad above the Queens Midtown Tunnel.  I squinted, "I that Obama?" I said.  A customer than explained to me what happened on New Years and said, "I guess they moved it."

     Pretty underhanded, and it doesn't help him as naysayers who don't know the White House didn't approve of the ad will probably say, "See, look he's such a celebrity, he's even a clothing model now."


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Seems like they would have to get a release

Rajah's picture

Or something signed by Obama to avoid getting sued

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