Obama cries for bipartisanship in Thanksgiving radio address

They've already smacked one cheek so he offers the other ass cheek. Wise up already why don't ya? Unless this is some clever ploy, some kind of rope a dope but I doubt it. It takes two parties to compromise otherwise it's just giving in. Please stop making me sorry I voted for you!



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I'm sorry

RidingFool's picture

and I couldn't be bothered to vote.

When Palin becomes president....

Rajah's picture

Can we all come and live with you in Canaduh?

Well, you could, but

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then you'd have to subscribe to free Socialist health care that you all hate so much. Randy Quiad is up here now, testing Canadian immigration policy and trying it on for size. Watching Evi skate around in the background waving the flag is priceless.



Randy Quiad is up there? Forget it then!

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He's the hobo of actors

Oui. Monsewer Q et al has requested asylum in Canukistan,

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seeking refuge from Hollyweird starwhackers. His wife, Evi, is Canukistani, thus the inherited skating gene as demonstrated in the video, above.


I guess I should warn you

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Quaid might be a cannibal


So then, are you suggesting

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that Q is the one whacking the Hollyweird stars and devouring their remains? No wonder none have been found.

All I know is they've been having alot of cook-outs

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Barbecuing something called "long pig"

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