Obama on daily show tonight!!!

Woo-Hoo! This oughta be good.  Hopefullý he doesn't say anything stupid.

As for the latest socialist attack, Steven Colbert just had the actual candidate for the socialist party who is running for president on his show.  The guy basically said that Obama is not socialist.


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I was wondering when he'd be on.

scarlet_ohara's picture

John Stewart is probably the best interviewer on TV- including serious journalists. He manages to say exactly what everyone is thinking while maintaining a real, but professional, demeanor. Plus he doesn't constantly interrupt the guest like Fox News does. And he's interesting to watch.

Yeah, that and he makes you laugh as well...

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...as for some of the satirical interviewers, as ridiculous as they can be sometimes, they to unearth some interesting stuff.  One thing's for sure though, I've never been as interested in politics as I am now.  I never thought I would be.

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