Obama is an elitist!

He eats his burgers with Grey Poupon



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So is Miss Hilary

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Obama ordered his fast food hamburger with "chedder cheese" - it was like watching Miss Hilary trying to pump her own gas. These people are from another world - the world of John Edwards.

He'll have to start hating broccoli

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Then he can be a man of the people, like the Bushes.


He clearly said a spicy or dijon mustard...

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...I hardly see how that automatically makes him an elitist.  He definitely didn't say grey poupon.  Aside from that, who cares?  How do we know the burger place doesn't offer a large variety of toppings?  We dont know that they do, we don't know that they don't.

Btw, I like my burgers with a slice of tomato and a little lettuce, mayonaise, spices & onions in the beef, but plain ketchup is not enough, it'll do but it's not enough.

Somewhere along the way, someone said that american burgers and steak should be plain, and I just don't see why that has to be.  Steak's can be marinated, burgers can have multipule toppings (mushroom and swiss anyone?)  SO what if the president puts mustard on his burger?


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The nerve!

The clods have never heard of Dijon or Grand Poobah. Maybe now they'll go out and try some and find out that people eat food that actually has some taste to it.

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