Obama has no (zero) leadership skills

In his response to the financial crisis, in his response to the terrorist attack in India (in which Americans were targeted) in his response to the scandal in Chicago - Obama has demonstrated no leadership qualities. His appointment of a Clinton third term is even more troubling - today he appointed Tom Daschele who with his wife are two big lobbyists. He is a terrible excuse for a world leader. I pity the USA with Bama, Barney Frank & Queen Pelosi in charge. 


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Obama's leadership skills have yet to be tested

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He hasn't been inaugurated yet, you calender deprived dingbat. 

So far Obama has made appointments at record speed for his new administration.  He has been much tougher in his talk about Pakistan than George Bush has ever been. 

I am no fan of the Clinton administration as old time Crankylanders will tell you.  However, I do think Obama is being realistic from a political point of view in appointing some Clintonistas.  The Clintons still have power in the Dem party and Obama has wisely acknowledged that.  Also he wants experienced people in his administration so that he can navigate his way through Washington and hit the ground running.  That means he must have at least some people from the Clinton administration, since that was the most recent Dem administration.

So why don't you at least wait for Obama to actually do something while in the oval office before you slam him?  Or are you just a blind partisan?

{;-) Dan in Miami

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JR in Georgia is a joke right? How could anyone be this stupid?

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Coaster are you doing this or is it Mr. Cranky himself?  Wait a minute.  Georgia!  And who do we know who lives in Georgia and loves practical jokes?

Rajah it's you isn't it?  Put down the clown shoes and walk out from behind the curtain with your red rubber nose held above your head.

{;-) Dan in Miami


It's not me, honest!

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It does sound a bit like the shit my brother Mike would say. If he writes more I could tell if it's him.

Obama was born in Hawaii, eh? Well if so fatso that makes him a citizen.

Yeah, I hear this kind of shit from clods in this state all the time

Surely you'd think I'd come up with a better character than J.R.?

Nope it's not me

Bad news, Dan: There are plenty of real people like JR

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In fact, Sean Hannity makes a pretty good living catering to to the ignorami of JR's ilk.

Dan_in_Cincinnati wrote:

Coaster are you doing this or is it Mr. Cranky himself? ... Rajah it's you isn't it?

Dan, it's none of the above.  I disdain alternate handles, as my good friend Dr. Laura Sloppyturd will attest to.

JR said, no doubt through a thick coating of froth around his lips, that Obama is not a citizen and that he has hired lawyers to block the checking of his citizenship: A lie upon a lie.  JR said that Obama was elected not because of his ideas or qualifications, but because he has the gift of gab.  He further stated that Obama has associated with the corrupt government of Illinois and that the tapes will do him in once revealed.  Hmmmm, evidently fed prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald must have missed those portions, and a senator should not associate himself with his own state's government.   Dan, this is the same crap I hear every week at work.  I work with a bunch of accomplished people who are ready at the drop of a hat to believe the worst about Obama.  More of these people exist than you'd like to think.  It's a good thing obama was right about there being as many people who would vote for him because he was Black as would vote against him for the same reason. 

I worry about the Republicans in the Senate who seem all too ready to block reform and do their best to destroy the American auto industry and all unions so those Japanese companies hosted by their states can profit further.  I worry about ignoramuses like JR not at all, as they'll learn sooner or later.


Obama is not a US citizen? Baloney

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The crackpot right wing theory is that Obama was born in Kenya and therefor is not a US citizen.  This is nonsense.  He has a US birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.  And anyway it doesn't matter where he was born because his mother was a US citizen.  There are even some dingbats on the stupid right (not even the far right, just the stupid right) who claim the Hawaii birth certificate is a fake!  But the local newspaper had a birth announcement way back when he was born.  So apparently Obama has a time machine that enables him to go back in history to fake his own birth announcement!  What a powerful guy!

I hear all about this stuff on the Stephany Miller radio show.  They have an hour long segment every weekday where they quote from and play recordings from the most outrageous crap from right wing radio and TV.  Of course they trash it as they report on it.  Lots of fun!

You can hear the show at www.supertalk940.com every weekday from 9 AM to noon Eastern time.

{;-) Dan in Miami

The US auto indistry has dug its own grave.

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The GOP blaming the unions IS a load of mahnooher, of course, as the unis have done their job better than the CEOs of the Big Trey. But the industry has no business whatsoever asking for cash from anyone outside the free, private market.  I don't like the way they've gone about it, but the repubs have a point (if they want to make it), which is- nobody learns a lesson when they're bailed out.

So it was OK to bail out the banks with a gazillion dollars?

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The money to the banks had no oversight.  The money that Congress was going to use to bail out the big 3 car makers was to be a loan with all kinds of strings attached.  This whole thing is just another example of the criminal organization that is the GOP kneeling down and whoring for their corporate masters.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Of course it wasn't ok. 

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Of course it wasn't ok.  Not then, and not now.

We really can't afford to let the big 3 car companies fail

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When you add up all of the subcontractors who supply them they represent about 10% of the US economy and millions of jobs.  Decades ago when the feds made the loan to keep Chrysler afloat I was dubious.  But Chrysler paid back that loan.

Bush didn't loan the money to the banks.  He GAVE it to them as the biggest pre-Christmas gift in history.  So far there seems to be little outrage over the biggest theft ever.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Yes we can.  This is the

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Yes we can.  This is the problem with modern reporting.  No one knows what they're talking about and they just end up being shills for one special interest or another.  I have yet to hear one reporter actually state the facts.

If GM goes into chapter 11, the factories don't dissapear.  Hell, they don't even stop making cars.  It's just the beginning of a restructuring.  It's these situations that chapter 11 is made for.  But the CEO's don't want that, because they might be forced out or forced to change their ways too much, and the UAW doesn't want that, because they're holy-grail contracts will become open to the same restructuring.  You know, so the company can be profitable again like a company should be.

Someone might buy out the company at a bargain price, or they might not.  But saying everything will go to hell and take us into a depression if we don't do SOMETHING is just fear-mongering on the level the Bush Administration has thrown at us for the past 7 years.

But again, GM outsold toyota this last fiscal year.  It's not like the demand is not there.  It wouldn't be that hard for new owners, without being enslaved to old special interests, to make the company profitable.  The bailout's a rape of the taxpayer, plain and simple, congress simply wanting to please certain special interests.  It won't help the economy, and it will surely keep prices rising in the automobile industry, or stagnant, instead of dropping in this hard time like they should.

And there was plenty of outrage over the financial bailout, just not in the mainstream media.  Congressman got more calls in those weeks than they had they're entire career, with 60% telling them to vote "no", and 30% telling them to vote "hell no".  It was overwhelming.

I manage advertising for www.lewrockwell.com, the most vocal opponent on the bailout and the largest libertarian website in the world. During the weak leading up to the bailout, our traffic shot up from 50,000 unique visitors a day to over 80,000 unique visitors a day thanks to our coverage of the grand theft our government was trying to get away with.  The deluge of new emails was continuous in thanks and too much for us to handle.

If McCain had had the balls to actually oppose the bailout vocally and with true principle, he might have had a fighting chance at winning the election.  But he and Obama were just two peas in a pod on the issue.

The financial bailout was and is worse for many other reasons, but it's already passed ( a supreme failure of representation, a big problem with strong centralized governments) and there's not much we can do about it right now.

But just because we pushed the boulder down the cliff onto the village below doesn't mean we're justified in continuing to throw rocks at them.


Jazzy why do you oppose a loan to the Big 3?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

I am a Libertarian myself.  Congress was proposing some bridge loans to the Big 3 because the financial markets are so screwed up there is no private money available. 

Also the problem with bankruptcy is that the huge number of subcontractors who supply parts to the Big 3 would get screwed if GM, Ford, and Chrysler received bankruptcy protection from their creditors.  The subs could not collect money owed to them.  The subcontractors are a huge part of the economy.  We can't allow them to fail.

Principles are nice but sometimes you can't afford them

{;-) Dan (capitalist to the core) in Miami

It's union busting pure and simple

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GOP has always been against the unions.

Dan is right, bankruptcy is a raw deal for the people they owe.

The UAW does need to be

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The UAW does need to be busted, or at least some of it's power taken away.  Bankrupty will do that and force everyone to come to the table.  The UAW will get their say.

Right now they've brought hardly anything to the table.  Let them feel some actual risk, and they'll be more open to negotiate.

Like I said, GM already sells plenty of cars, but they lose up to $4000 per car, most of that labor and pension costs.

What are the best investments to make if you want a huge return?  Long and hard question to answer.  The easier question is this:  What companies or industries do you not invest in, because you can be 99% sure there will be little to no growth?

1. Any industry that is heavily unionized.

2. Any industry that is burdened with excessive federal regulation.

Weaken the UAW, and it becomes more attractive to investors.

Yeah, where is the money coming from?

Rajah's picture

Soon China and the arabs will own us if they don't already.

Let the unions fail, it's time we brought back child labor and such. Safety in the work place? Who needs that shit! It just costs more money!

We'll be more like China! Yeah, that's the ticket!

unions = workers's rights = communism


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Rajah wrote:

unions = workers's rights

Now who's fearmongering?  There was time and place where Unions were important and useful.  That time is now past (for now, at least).  They've become just as corrupt, violent and entrenched in government special interests as their "capitalist overlords" that they're just a parasite now.  There's a reason most workers vote against unionization these days.

You honestly think workers rights will just dissapear if the UAW goes under or is weakened?  What about Toyota?  No union, yet everyone I've talked to who works there absolutely love it.  It's a known fact that companies who treat their workers well attract the best talent and are more likely to make the best profits.  That's why free market competition is so important.

Where's the union at Google or Microsoft?  You have talented people BEGGING to work at Google.  What's forcing Google to treat people well and have a good work environment?

Janitors who worked at Microsoft near the beginning are now multi-millionaires.  No union forced that.

Rajah wrote:

Let the unions fail, it's time we brought back child labor and such. Safety in the work place? Who needs that shit! It just costs more money!

Yeah, because we have so much child labor in non-unionized industries now in the United States.

Welcome to reality.  The unions have no useful place in it at the moment other than to artificially raise prices and help sink big businesses with short-term thinking.

People don't want them?

Rajah's picture

Then why are Wal*Mart and Home Depot so afraid of them getting started? If their workers are so "happy" then where's the threat?

Are You a Southern Toyata Republican Union Buster?

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Unions aren't perfect. As with most things, some are better than others, and many are damned good and serve the working man well.

jazzdrive3 wrote:

The unions have no useful place...

When you have an infected toe, you don't amputate the leg. You treat the toe.


Rajah's picture

Toe Soup!

And something you should know about Coaster and Rajah

Coaster's picture

Neither one of us are union workers.  Coaster works in manufacturing but is in management. Rajah has a skill set that would allow him to build you a house from the framing to your cabinet doors. We have no dog in this fight.

Do you?

Quit picking on the unions. They've done their share.

Coaster's picture

I was listening to a discussion on the Diane Rehm show this morning (NPR).  They had among their panel of guests a representative from the Heritage Foundation who was certainly no union sympathizer.  But even he concedes that labor costs represent no more than ten percent of the price of an automobile.  The union has thus far allowed a delay in payment for their retirement health care plan that the Big Three were supposed to make (Thus ridding them of their responsibility to fund it).  They have gone to a two-tier wage system, with the newer employees getting far less in wages and benefits.  And in this last round before congress, they were willing to renegotiate their entire contracts.  The premium paid to union workers is now not that much more than that paid to non-unionized workers in the domestic Japanese plants. 

What no one is talking about now is the unfair competitive advantage that Japanese and European manufacturers have because they are not forced to cover health care expenses.  This is a good time to examine our own national health care policy, as a change towards universal health care would make our major industries more competitive on the world markets.  How come health care isn't part of this discussion? 

I supported the financial industry bailout as it is hard to treat a patient who has no blood flow.  I'm ambivalent on loaning the car companies money, as what I've heard thus far in that regard sounds like Chapter Eleven with government interference. I'm also ambivalent because when I claim to be that, it makes me sound smarter.

That's another lie perpetuated.

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Dan_in_Cincinnati wrote:

There is no private money available. 

That's another lie perpetuated.  There is plenty of private money looking for a good investment.  Just like there are still plenty of loans being made to people and businesses who actually deserve the loans and are good credit risks.

I don't oppose loans.  I oppose "loans" that are unvoluntary.  Government bailouts necessarily take money from some other sector of the economy to fund something else.  It makes everyone poorer in the long run.  We're essentially reducing productive and profitable jobs from other sectors to fund overpaid jobs in the auto sector.

It's also takes focus away from new investment in new technology.  There are innovative companies now trying to create the next nevolutionary product in automobiles that will find the market even tougher to get into because Congress sees fit to support dinosaurs and they're old, lumbering ways.

There might be some pain, of course, if they go into bankrupcty.  But there might not be.  The court could rule favorably in the subcontractors' cases and they could get most of their money back.  That's for them to work out.

Some of the subcontractors might need to start restructuring and start supplying the plants of foreign auto makers who have plants in the United States, as they might ramp up production to meet the possible vacuum, and therefore their businesses will end up more stable in the future and not so closely tied to the success of tenuous companies. They don't call it a market correction for nothing.  But a quick-bandaid-pull pain is better than a longer protracted disaster that our government seems dead-set on bringing about. 

Where do we stop?  Newspapers are beginning to show signs of financial trouble now.  Do we bail them out next?  I'm sure we'll start hearing calls for it next year.

This doesn't even get into the fact that Cognress doesn't have the money anyway.  We just have print more, furthering the decline of the dollar.  If printing money was the way to wealth, Zinbawbwe would be the richest country in the world.

And when the dollar collapses (unless something drastic is done really soon)...well...we ain't seen nothing yet.

I should know better than to argue with a Libertarian

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Jazzy you said:

"Like I said, GM already sells plenty of cars, but they lose up to $4000 per car, most of that labor and pension costs."

You aren't seriously saying that retirees should give up the pensions that were promised to them are you?

{;-) Dan (union member) in Miami

PS:  So Jazzy you think Shrub is spending like a drunken sailor?  Welcome to the club.



All non-humanitarian bailouts are bad.

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At least, that's the position from which the issue should be approached IMO. 

And if anyone thinks that worker's rights and wages won't take a nosedive as soon as unions are out, they are mistaken.  I don't like them as political or financial entities (which is what they have become), and I hate the brutality of, say, the Teamsters, but if you can't get together with your coworkers and make some demands backed up by real action, then you are f'd.

Alo, if there is not a quick and fair accounting of this bank bailout by the obama administration, I will consider them a failure straight out of the gate. This is a time of reckoning.  The shit that's gone on the last ten years cannot be ignored or pardoned. Heads must roll, else we're giving a defacto bailout to the scum who have ravaged this place.

amen  ______________________

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The 700 billion bailout package

Rajah's picture

was only meant to keep the banks and financials institutions from failing. They never had any intention of buying the toxic assets or helping homeowners. In other words they lied. Neither Obama or McCain should be blamed for voting for it. An election was going on and neither could afford to take the risk of making a stand on it. I believe the banks will sit on their hunches instead of lending. They'll wait til things improve. These are not good people and Bush was helping out who he always helps out. It was a rushed job and a stop gap measure at best. I'll wait to see if Obama has a better idea when he gains power.

How depressing

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"Neither Obama or McCain should be blamed for voting for it. An election was going on and neither could afford to take the risk of making a stand on it."

People who want to become president can't be expected to jeopardize their chances by actually, uh, leading.  We don't want any LEADER types in the White House, do we? (And never mind that the bailout was unpopular with most voters.)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

To lead you first have to get elected

Rajah's picture

If either one had not signed it I'm sure the other would have used it against them

Bush will make loans to Big 3 Automakers

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

At least that is what he told Fox News today in an interview.  Really he has to find the money somewhere.

Faux News is also reporting that Chrysler is set to close all 30 of its manufacturing plants for one month starting Friday; GM, and Ford will unveil similar plans.

{;-) Dan in Miami

'ol dubya just couldn't

Decaf's picture

'ol dubya just couldn't resist doing more damage before he left now could he? 


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


Up with Whitey!

michael3b's picture

That brand of southern pride is pure bullshit.  My grandfather's from Mississippi, and he bailed to the NE precisely because of that chest (and wife) beating phony sentimentality.  All that shit is is hate, intolerance, and stupidity rolled into a ball of self righteousness.  This is why the baptist-born-agains thrive there. They can spout off a sentence that has at least 3 completely contradictory statements in it and be absolutely certain that those jesus freaks will eat it up like its grits.  throw in some latent racism and Voila! 'bama's not an american, mexicans will eat your children's food (wrong- Iraq, and now the fed have already eaten it... and had seconds), and america needs to fight its way out of every friggin complication that pops up.

i never gave obama my full support, but he has it now. why don't you take a page from the GOP's book on what to say to liberals who bitch about GW? i.e. shut the fuck up and support the guy who's gonna take the beating for your party's colossal, treasonous, hateful malfeasance?  that might help.

Only 3 negatives gets your post deleted?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Hmmmm.  Not sure how I feel about that.  JR is clearly an idiot who can't think for himself.  But if only 3 registered users can shut someone down that doesn't seem like free speech to me.  Personally I can tolerate just about any kind of post that isn't Spam.

{;-) Dan in Miami

it does seem a bit

Decaf's picture

it does seem a bit harsh

especially when he sparked such a big debate


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


He got deleted?

Rajah's picture

what da hey?

Yes Rajah, JR had his post deleted, to protect us from what?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Look near the top of the "Obama has no leadership skills" thread.  Kind of makes you go hmmmmm.

{;-) Dan in Miami


I think some are missing our trolls a bit

Rajah's picture

Sure they were annoying but sometimes they started interesting discussions like grundle.

RBB said I was a troll when I started posting here 10 years ago

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

A troll is someone who makes inflammatory posts for the purpose of getting people upset.  JR strikes me as a genuine conspiracy theory dingbat who really doesn't know any better.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Yeah, much like Psycho Wabbit

Rajah's picture

Some are funny like John Doe


gamerarocks's picture

Are you sure you've got the right name there?  For the next 39 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, and 35 seconds (MARK), a certain George W Bush is in charge.  Please direct any criticism of country operations to:

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington, D.C.  20500

This has been a service of the Gamera Information Network.  Should this information not prove useful, google it your damn self.

I love that he appointed Daschle

michael3b's picture

A big FUCK YOU to GW and the boys that ran him out of the senate for (gasp) holding the executive branch accountable.

I don't like the Hillary pick. The bitch gotta GO.

What do you want him to do about India? It's a country with a BILLION people and you're worried about a handful of lunatic fringe religious folk who happen to be from the US? They can handle themselves.

The bottom line here is, however, that you are a miserably misinformed. No offense, but I'm pretty sure a person with half a brain knows that the president is NOT Obama. 

What's your major malfunction with Hillary?

Coaster's picture

michael3b wrote:

I don't like the Hillary pick. The bitch gotta GO.

Well, podner, this old poster doesn't understand your Hillary hatred. Is there a better qualified person to go out into the world and clean up Bush's mess? She's bright, hard working, and quite knowledgeable. The present ignoramus/pretender occupying the White House never understood that the fight against global terrorism requires cooperation with other countries, both those sharing our values and those who don't. I'd look for an improvement in our world standing and respect almost immediately after the inauguration. Condolezza, while also bright, knowledgeable, and hard working, was handicapped by having to work for a , hmmmmm, what's the correct psychological term? Oh yeah, a doo-doo head. Hillary faces no such obstacle.

^^^After Hillary's seat

Rajah's picture

And I don't mean her Senate seat.

Obama had to do something for Hillary considering how many votes she got in the primaries. Besides if she misbehaves he can always fire her. She's there to serve at the pleasure of the president. Michele better keep an eye on those two!

If BO fires HRC

FearlessFreep's picture

Women will scream "BETRAYAL!"


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

She a political hack.

michael3b's picture

I generally agree with you, coastie, but I don't understand where all this experience she supposedly has is coming from. Sure, she was around politics for a long while, but she's only been a politician for a couple of years, and to what avail?  I know we have a president-in-waiting with an even shorter resume- but he was elected, not hired. And Sec. State is a real job, not the gland-handing, suck the lobbyist teat for 40hrs a week gig our so-called legislators enjoy (makes me sick when they call it public service).  She supported the war, won't fire Leiberman, supports these bailouts, and if she's at all like her husband then she's a globalist. And globalization is a prime source of our and much of the world's poor's troubles.

But the bottom line is: she's a politician through and through.


ps Condolieza is insane. An oil industry hack of the highest order. She actually hopes that Obama can carry on the great successes of the Bush white house.  She must be refering to mold removal or landscaping or something.

I really don't trust her

Rajah's picture

I think she'll be following her own agenda not his. I see big arguments in the future. Maybe that's what he wants, no Yes men or women. The other possiblity is she might get a bad case of jungle fever. Watch out Michele!

Christopher Hitchens vs. Joan Walsh

FearlessFreep's picture

In this HARDBALL clip gadfly Hitchens debates SALON editor Walsh over the wisdom of choosing HRC as Secretary of State.


Before the appointment was announced, Walsh wrote: "If he picks her, she's the right choice." My mind reeled.  Does that mean she's the right choice ONLY if he picks her?  Was Obama elected king?

How do I feel myself?  Like Owen Wilson in STARSKY & HUTCH when he said to Ben Stiller, "Don't do this, because it's completely lame."


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown slams Pakistani terrorists

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

"In Islamabad, Brown proposed a new British-Pakistan "pact against terror," saying "three-quarters of the most serious terrorist plots investigated by the British authorities have links to al Qaeda in Pakistan."'

"The time has come for action, not words," he said.


PS:  Well it's about time!  Pakistan is the most dangerous place on Earth.  Not only does it have the A-bomb but many of the world's most dangerous terrorists are now on its soil.  Including al Qaeda.  Obama has threatened to send troops into Pakistan.  Frankly I think he will need to.  Many of these terrorists are supported by elements of Pakistan's intelligence community.



Yeah, like Bush had any experience at anything

RidingFool's picture

other than losing money on baseball teams, failed oil companies and spending family money.

It was probably all Clinton's fault.

Better bring your own porta-potty to Inauguration Day!

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

"Metro is planning to carry upwards of 1 million [public transit] riders itself on Inauguration Day [in Washinngton DC], but the transit agency says it will shut down all of its public restrooms due to security concerns.



Instead, 146 portable restrooms will be set up outside of selected rail stations.

Even if the transit agency carries 1 million people on Jan. 20 -- and that could be a conservative estimate -- that means there would be one bathroom for every 6,849 customers.


{;-) Dan (holding it) in Miami

Now for the good news

gamerarocks's picture

It makes most football stadiums seem user friendly by comparison.

It really puzzles me how the Republicans thought.....

Rajah's picture

They could take the Rust Belt when they are so anti-labor.

I'll tell you what the factories do in our town. They rent their buildings so they can cut and run should the unions come to town.

Is it the Republicans attitudes

gamerarocks's picture

or simply the deviants in their Ohio crowds with pro-union pro-McCain paraphanaila?

Maybe they're the ones who were exemplified by the woman who wasn't going to vote for McCain because Obama's Muslim.

What's wrong with blue-collar workers

RidingFool's picture

having pension and health care benefits, courtesy of their union? Christ, after busting the UAW, some of you will have nothing to do except whine about Obama and the Clintons.

White collar losers = hundreds of billions for thousands of jobs. How typical.

Blue collar workers = nothing but shit and abuse.

If you want to see your country go down the drain in a hurry, let it be, and sit and watch that shit wash down the drain and take you all with it. The past several years of job losses will be as nothing when the auto manufacturers fade into the background.

If you think China isn't sitting and waiting to jump into the melee, just wait. They've got enough U.S. cash and IOUs to pick up those plants - the ones they want - and move them across all that water in a heartbeat. That is, if they even want the plant infrastructure.

Those of you that see Flint as a bonus will love what you end up with when the plants close. I've seen Flint, and it isn't pretty.


All I can tell you about is woodworking machines

Rajah's picture

In the years since the chinese have taken over manufactoring the quality has gotten worse. Powermatic use to be one of the top brands. They did their own castings and would leave them out in a boneyard for about a year so defects could show up before final machining. I'm glad I bought my planer before it's American company went out of business. We are losing our manufactoring base and I think it's rather lame to blame it entirely on the unions. These big companies are selling us out. Seems some would be happy if all the companies that operate here were foreign owned. Just go to a Wal*Mart and see where all that shit is coming from. You'd think America doesn't make anything anymore.

Oh and a word about Canada, General Woodworking machines are equal to the old Powermatic machines. I hope they haven't sold out too.

whoa, J.R got shut down.

Decaf's picture

whoa, J.R got shut down. look at his comment 


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


One thing you can say about Bush's legacy

Rajah's picture

We'll be feeling the affects for many years to come

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