Obama hates retards

The difference between President Clueless - former junior senator from the corrupt state of Illinois & Governor Palin from the glorious state of Alaska is this: liberal elitists want to abort the retarded.

Clueless Obama is already on record as favoring live birth killings and now he is on record as making fun of retards on national TV.


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'Tardos should be aborted, but

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that isn't possible because most people have been cowed into submission to think that 'tardos matter.

Bottom line:


They don't.

Let she who has never bad-mouthed a 'tardo cast the first abortion. (Yeah, I know, that's not in context, but who really cares?)

I've watched those special olympics for about a split second. Unless I actually knew some unfortunate wanker who was forced to believe that his participation mattered...

uhh, what was that again?

On the other hand, a breast feeding in public is a no-no. Breasts don't really have to feed, no matter what mothers tell us.


Abort Simple Jack!

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"You m-m-make me happy!"


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