Obama the Meddler in Chief

President Clueless has no problem telling Israel to do (or Pakistan, Afghanistan, General Motors, Bank of America) so why can't he tell Iran where to stick it?


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So how much aid/trade are we giving/doing with Iran?

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Haven't we Americans meddled enough in Iran?  In 1953, we and Britian ousted the popularly elected leader and installed the Shah of Iran?  How did that work out? Iran's memory goes back that far, yes.  It's too bad that's not so for the Republican memory.

Detals of Iran's Coup de Etat



The GOP is in full-on impotent mode.

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Pissing and moaning that Obama isn't calling for outright revolt.  As if we'd be able to do a damned thing once the protesters started getting gunned down in the streets by the hundreds.  Bush the 1st did the same thing, and got a whole bunch of Iraqis wiped out in the process.  But let's face facts here, the conservatives don't give one god-damn about the people of Iraq OR Iran.


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