Obama now seeks a pared down health care bill

just what the hell is left to pare down after it's already been watered down? Dems are nothing but a bunch of spineless assholes! They have no fight left in them. Well here's your excuse for not passing any meaningful reform. I don't think they were really serious in the first place.



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I'd rather they do something more for small businesses...

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...or get back on some of the other issues facing our country.  Go back and try and do something else with Guantanamo Bay.  Get into some extreme anti-terror intelligence and serve us up some bad guys.  All this pandering about the healthcare reform is, well, it's not an unimportant issue but it's not getting anywhere anbd that's wasting time.

Let the GOP fillibuster health care

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Just call their bluff and let them talk forever.  And they have to actually be on the floor of the Senate chamber talking.  No bathroom breaks.  No meal breaks.  No naps etc.  Let the country see these empty headed baffoons tie up the Senate for weeks or months on end.

But of course the Dems are a bunch of weenies.  Always have been, always will be.

{;-) Dan in Miami

What does one talk about when fillibustering?

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Do you have to stay on topic?  Or can you go and read your grocery list.

No need to stay on topic.

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People have read phone directories. 

How Obama lost Ted Kennedy's seat

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