Obama out of the closet - HE'S A MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!

Big surprise but it is now official Obama is a raging f**king muslim! & he has also declared that the USA is a muslim country. Go figure. A year ago no one was even allowed to mention his middle name & now he is a total f**king muslim. BTW muslims are now our friends even tho they murder army recruiters & plot to blow up synagues.


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We're have the 38th largest Muslim population

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That puts up well into the top quartile. 

Here's some advice direct from Bill Maher that you just might find useful:

"We elected a Black man president. Get over it."


It is sort of funny they were playing down his muslim...

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roots during the campaign and now they're playing it up.

That's because mobs are stupid.

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And liberals are a mob.

Go China! If America would take only a page from the Chinese playbook, there'd be no murderous muslims in this country.

I don't take advice from Bill Moron

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Even tho he is funny sometimes. BTW Obama is NOT black (any more than Bill Clinton is black) - Obama is a mocha latte.

From the horse's mouth

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"I consider myself Black because society has always considered me Black" --BHO

Believe everything from "fair and balanced" news sources?

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Good to see that the propaganda machine is alive and well. I fail to understand people that seem enthusiastic about jumping on a bandwagon. These political rants about how "dangerous" the president is only prove the long term effects of the decline in American Education. It's just as ridiculous as comparing G.W. to adolf hitler. It shows that people care little for research, these days. They click the top result of their "google search" and call it a source (if it matches with their preconcieved oppinions.)

Grow up, get your facts straight and quit relying on your parent's talking points to formulate an opinion.

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