Obama to reopen oil drilling

I suppose your car runs on wind or solar power?

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So we're suppose to accept this shit?

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Just the price for having that wonderful dirty gasoline to run our cars

When is enough going to be enough?

What disaster is it going to take for them to move in the direction of cleaner fuel?

How many coal mine explosions, oil spills and natural gas explosions is it going to take before people have had enough? The environment surely has had enough of our shit!

We could have been at least on the road to the switch to alcohol thirty years ago

Obama is on the wrong side of this issue

It's beyond clear these oil companies don't know what the fuck they are doing

Why is this a necessary evil?

We need better priorties

Your friendly blue-eyed Arabs

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have plenty of oil for you. C'mon up, before the Chinois get all of it.

Obama did say he would end our dependence on foreign oil

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or was it oil altogether? I don't remember which, but it was in the next 10 years.  I also thought it would be the opposite of what McCain had proposed, and since Obama beat McCain, let's see some alternative energy breaking into the market COME ON!!

And what better opportunity for Obama to begin the push...

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to break away from oil? Instead he seems to be embracing them say we need more of this risky drilling off shore.

As far as the moritorium causing lost of jobs this oil spill, that is still continuing, has cost many more jobs to be lost, the fishing industry and the tourist industry to name a few.

Your offshore oil

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is merely a drop in the bucket and a waste of drilling time. The quantity of oil you think you have there is meaningless - but talking about it makes good political theater.

It's not even our oil

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It will be sold on the international market just like Arab oil. Most likely China will get most of it. If it means we'll have to put up with oil spill after oil spill it's not worth it. This oil spill will cause lasting damage for decades. Why must the animals and people of the Gulf pay that price for a few rich men's greed?

BP the new BS

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