Obama says he'll pay us tuesday for a hamburger today

He's a whimp!

These tough times call for a strong president not a weak timid one


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My daddy always told me

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that there were no free meals.

Apparently, he lied.

Only for the rich

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And Defense contractors.


Yeah. the ol' common ground speech...

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...that's to appeal to the people who voted against him, but in action I hope he keeps pushin, cause the first 2 years, well, the only common ground I can see is thatr both parties would be happy if we caught Bin Laden, but something tells me nobody cares to do anything because that ain't the point of us being in the middle east.

Nah, then the warhawks would

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Nah, then the warhawks would be upset that the peaceniks would focus on bil Laden's capture as a reason to pull out of assorted countries without finishing the rest of the job. I'd say they'll both be happy when Hell freezes over - but that's already happened.

And apparently I'm not

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And apparently I'm not human, I keep failing CAPTCHA.

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