Obama should've picked Paul Krugman as his Treasury Secretary

Krugman has zero administrative experience

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Picking someone for an important job bases solely on their ideology is a Bush thing, not an Obama thing.  

Thank God.

No Washington experience?

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Some people would consider that a plus!


Where did I say "no Washington experience"?

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If only you had stayed in school a bit longer, your reading comprehension might have been noticeably improved.  Oh well....

Just out of curiosity, oh Fearless one, just how many languages do you speak? 

Well, Timmy looks like someone shaved his eyebrows off

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Also Krugman has a beard and that's manly

My point

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Washington experience seems to be the trait Obama values most in his appointments.

English is the only language I'm truly fluent in, though I have learned quite a bit of French, Latin, Italian, Chinese and Japanese, enough to read them with a dictionary. (I've even learned enough German to sing a couple of lieder.)


A lengthy but telling exposition by Niall Ferguson

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