Obama speaks the truth for once - and he'll probably be criticized for it.

Two things:

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1.  I admire Obama's restraint.


B.  What's this "For once" bullshit? 

He left out retarded

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Kanye ("Bush hates black people") West is a retarded jackass. Obama who is a former drug dealer should know that.

He never *dealt* drugs

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And if you hadn't been left impaired from your own years long drug binges, you'd know that. 

Clue me in

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What did Kanye West say exactly?


Not so much what he said but what he did

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He interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to announce that Beyonce should have won for best female video.  Taylor Swift is a 19-year-old kid who has been performing professionally for five years.  This was her first VMA award.  Ironically, Beyonce DID win the award for Video of the Year.  Kanye should win the Golden Douche when the next round of awards is announced.  After he's awarded his Golden Douche, they'll probably have to retire the award, as Bin Laden is unlikely to show up at a VMA ceremony. 



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