Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize,

Right immediately brands him as TRAITOR!


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It's one of the Nobel committee's "wishful thinking" awards

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He hasn't actually accomplished anything to promote peace so far, but they hope that giving him the award will somehow improve the chance that he'll make peace in the future.


I think it was more of a case of the Nobel Committee saying

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"Screw you George W. Bush!  We still think you and those who supported you were the worst thing for this planet since the Plague."

Deadline for nominations was

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Deadline for nominations was Feb. 1st. So this was really the committee saying "Screw you Nobel Peace Prize, we don't want you to mean anything anymore."

In other news, Obama laced up his running shoes and was immediately awarded the gold medal in the 500 meters.

Obama had 8 Months to lace up his shoes

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He was nominated for the Nobel February 1st.  No doubt his speeches on the campaign trail (especially the rally in Germany) and his inauguration speech factored in to this.  He had 204 other people on that list keeping him company.  By the end of March, a short list had been determined.  The Committee members obviously thought our guy was worth watching. 

The final vote occurred in October.  The Nobel Committee has had nine months to judge our president, and found his contribution in changing the diplomatic atmosphere of our troubled planet worthy. 

Isn't nice that thanks to Obama, our country has gained a measure of respect and perhaps a bit of admiration to make up for what we've lost in the recent past? 


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For continuing most of

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For continuing most of Bush's policies? No thanks. The SNL cold open 1 week ago said it best.

Let's see what he's done, foreign policy-wise. Bombing Pakistan, and trying to escalate the war in Afganistan. Go peace!

What happened to the anti-war left? Maddow and Olberman, who were halfway decent when criticizing the government under Bush, have just become more partisan shills for the regime.

Obama hitched his wagon to Dick Lugar's star

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[Senator] Dick Lugar may not be a household name, but he's well known within international security circles. And he's famous to world leaders who are trying to protect their countries from nuclear attack.

In 1991, Lugar teamed up with Sam Nunn, then a Democratic senator, to create a program aimed at securing and dismantling the nuclear, chemical and biological weapons inside the former Soviet Union.

And it was a success. The Nunn-Lugar Act facilitated the destruction of more than 700 intercontinental ballistic missiles and the deactivation of some 7,000 nuclear warheads.

Obama would later find a way to link his name to this legislation — connecting himself to its authors’ global security efforts.

As a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2004, Obama frequently spoke of the need to keep “loose nukes” out the hands of terrorists and rogue nations. He often cited the accomplishments of the Nunn-Lugar Act. And that caught the Indiana senator’s attention.

For the rest of the story please go to:


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Dick Lugar is the one who should have received the Nobel Peace Prize.  He has done more to round up loose nukes than anyone on the planet.  But Obama is prez so he gets the credit.


TYT : Conservatives irate over Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize

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The people of Obama Japan rejoice

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Fri Oct 9, 12:05 pm ET

TOKYO (AFP) – The small Japanese port city of Obama hailed Friday its namesake, US President Barack Obama, who was earlier sensationally awarded the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months into his term.

"I knew he was talking about world peace, but I cannot believe this has come so soon," Seiji Fujiwara, a local tourism official who led a support campaign for the US president, told Jiji Press.

Obama means "small shore" in Japanese, and the residents of the small central city of 32,000 people have rallied behind Barack Obama since his presidential campaign as a junior senator.


{;-) Dan in Miami

First native born Kenyan to win

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this is a proud day for the people of Kenya to see one of their native born sons win anything. What will he do with the million dollars they wonder. Seriously I think he got the prize for only one reason: to keep him from bombing Iran

Maddow puts it in perspective

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Most people think a Nobel Prize should be for achievement

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Not for just talking or getting elected.  Michael Moore is giving the knee jerk partisan view just like these party of no GOP negativists.  I'm still very hopeful for the Obama administration.  But if you think the weenie Dems in Congress are going to take any risks on anything you haven't been observing them for very long.  The polls indicate that a majority of US citizens want a public health option.  The Dems still can't seem to work up enough nerve to do it.  If done correctly a public option could actually reduce the amount of money we spend on health care while providing coverage for everyone.

{;-) Dan in Miami 

PS: I do agree with Moore on at least one thing.  If you want weenie Dem politicians to do anything you have to keep constant pressure on them.


The Nobel was for achievement

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Check out the Maddow link below. 

He changed the diplomatic climate, and put renewed emphasis on environmental and nuclear stewardship. 

Those are accomplishments. 

Talk, talk, talk

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Obama should stop making speeches and start doing something.  Christ on a pogo stick, just do something!  There is no excuse for him and the weenie Dems not doing something about the illegal and immoral detention of terror suspects at Guantanamo.  If Obama doesn't stop the torture of terror suspects his administration will go down in flames.  The telecom companies should not be allowed to spy on us without a warrant from a judge. 

I get it that other countries are glad that Obama has extended his hand to them.  This is not enough. 

{;-) Dan in Miami

The torture stopped his first day in office

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There are provisions passed by both houses preventing Obama from moving any of the Gitmo Gang to United States soil. 

See what happens when Obama tries to do something? 

Obama has been plenty busy running the two Bush wars and advancing health care reform. 


Obama is about to make a brilliant move, he's going to repeal...

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Don't ask, Don't tell. That ought to divert the crazies away from the healthcare issue. They'll go absolutely ape over it cause they hate gays far more than they hate socialists.

I'll believe that when I see it

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No sooner.


The idea of Obama and the actual Obama

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This cartoon from Tom Tomorrow hits it on the head.


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  After 8 years of Bush we all want to believe.


Right now he could suspend the enforcement of the law

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It's up to Congress to change it

Obama has denied habeas corpus to accused terrorists

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Someone like that does not deserve a Nobel peace prize. 

At the prison at Bagram in Afghanistan he is now promising that each prisoner will be assigned a military officer to oversee his case.  But no lawyer is promised.  And there probably won't even be enough officers available. 

Some men have been held at this infamous prison for 6 years without a trial.  The Bagram prison has become another public relations nightmare for the fight against terror.  What Obama has done to deny civil liberties doesn't even make sense from a pragmatic point of view.

"Since July, the prisoners at Bagram have refused to leave their cells to shower, meet with family members or Red Cross officials, or take part in other activities, to protest their indefinite imprisonment, human rights advocates said."

For more please check out this article from the NY Times:


{;-) Dan in Miami

During WWII

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I don't remember us having offered the German POW's either a speedy trial or access to counsel, do you?

German spies were given trials during WWII

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And they weren't tortured either. 

Soldiers in uniform - captured in battle - were treated as POWs not as criminals.  A POW is entitled to certain types of protection from the Geneva Conventions.  They can't be held in secret prisons where the Red Cross can't find them.  They are not to be abused. They must be fed and clothed properly.  Sometimes nations at war will arrange for POW exchanges.  They didn't commit a crime so they are not to be treated as criminals.

Taliban and al Qaeda don't wear uniforms.  They don't fight for a country.  They blow up civilians on purpose.  They should therefore be treated as criminals and tried in a court.  I don't want to be nice to terrorists.  I want the courts to punish them if they are found guilty.  This might even include the death penalty.

Many of the so called terrorists held in US prisons turned out to be innocent and they were released.  Hundreds of them have been released in the last few years.

High officials of the Nazi party who were responsible for killing millions were also given trials with defense attorneys after WWII.

{;-) Dan in Miami

German Soldiers Were Sent to Labor Camps

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And worked on our farms.  They were held until the war was over.  They were not given trials or council. 

My father was in a German prison camp.  The one without Schultz and Bob Crane.  He was held until the war was over.  He was not given access to counsel nor a speedy trial.  However, he did return weighing all of 90 pounds.  He was 6 feet tall.  Rajah please note:  Upon returning to the states he was given several bowls of grits and soon returned to his normal 180 pounds. 

It is unrealistic of us to expect our enemy to even know what the Geneva convention was.  They are mostly unorganized insurgents who are fighting an invader: Us and our allies.  It is unrealistic of us to expect them to wear uniforms.  It is realistic of me to expect that we behave according to accepted conventions. 

Torture doesn't work. Unless, or course, you're Jack Baur. A person being tortured will tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear. Any intel guy worth his salt and experienced in interrogation knows that.

If the people we fight don't wear uniforms...

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...we can't tell - just by looking - who is a civilian and who is a fighter.  Trials would enable us to sort out the innocent from the guilty. 

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  At least your father survived Coaster.  If he hadn't been wearing a uniform the Germans probably could have justified just shooting him when he was captured.  Especially if he had been shooting at them before being captured.




Armies should wear clown costumes

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And throw water balloons and pies instead of bullets and bombs!

<waits for his Nobel Peace Prize>

Naomi Klein's view

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Cornel West Sounds off on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

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