Objections to Obama has much to do with race

I'm ashamed to be a Southerner

Many want to have another Civil War

Yeah, that turned out great the first time

How about you all eat grits and die!



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You're not making sense

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Eating of grits is a good thing.  I mean add some butter and salt, and you have Heaven in a bowl.  If I has to name two great things the South has given us, I'd name the Kennedy Space Center and grits. 

Thank you Captain Obvious

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Silence gives assent.

South Carolina has the nastiest politics in the country.  Who knows why?  Maybe because the state is kind of scrubby and it has always been hard to make a living there.  At first I was against censuring Wilson because it would just make him a hero with the racist wingnuts out there.  Well those people are going to be crazy anyway.  Let's see if the weenie Dems can grow a backbone for once.  Censure Wilson!

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  I don't think the Prez should be treated like a king.  Some people have compared this to the grumbling and back talk that takes place in the UK Parliament.  That is a much smaller body of people.  The Prez was speaking to a large audience of over 600 people.  Some decorum is called for in that situation.


Re: The Prez shouldn't be treated like a king

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Witness the Reagan presidency.


I lower my head and avert my eyes whenever he passes by...

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for He is The Obama, and I am but a mere mortal. 

I love the job our guy is doing in the White House.  I'd list the things I like about what he's done, but I have to go run some errands and don't have the several hours it would take to list them all.

If you don't respect the man at least respect the office

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Shouting out while the president is speaking is unacceptable. Now if the president is George W. Bush, throwing a shoe is totally acceptable. Yeah, I'm a hypocrite and I don't care!


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Objections to objections to Obama always appeal to race.  Dowd's article is an excellent example of this.

Scumby you're smarter than that

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Heckling someone like a five year old is not the same thing as making an argument.

You have to wonder if the GOP has anyone left with a brain.

{;-) Dan in Miami

I think Dems are too embarrassed to act like some Republicans

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Yeah, it would be nice if some of them had more fire in their bellies but what's the point of protesting if it's not backed up by facts. I have yet to hear one of these wingnuts protesting something that's actually in one of the healthcare bills floating around.

Jerks hack Joe Wilson's web site

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Sources close to the South Carolina congressman charge that hackers have blitzed his campaign Web site JoeWilsonforCongress.com with a series of attacks that periodically shut down the page.

Sources say Wilson's opponents ganged up on the Web site, dispatching thousands of "phantom" computers, infected with malware, to send request after request to Wilson's campaign Web site. Such a barrage of requests overwhelms the site and causes it to crash. A source close to Wilson indicated that hackers took down the campaign Web site for five hours Friday night.

In many respects, this is the high-tech version of a politician's opponents driving through a neighborhood and vandalizing campaign signs. In computer-speak, the effort to ping the computer so frequently creates what's called a "denial of service request." That takes the site offline.


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Oh boo hoo. 

Shutting down a republican website in SC...

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...would be as effective as closing a library.  Futile.  Who on the right would notice?

Rep. Wilson Challenger Raises $1M in 48 Hrs.

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Rob Miller, the Democrat challenging Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) next year, has raised more than $1 million since Wednesday night, when the GOP congressman interrupted President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress with a shout of, "You lie!" The campaign announced that the total came from 25,000 individual donors.

"We will put this generous support to work to restore common-sense leadership to Washington, create jobs, and stand up for men and women in uniform," said Rob Miller in a released statement. "If there was ever a time to put bickering and name calling aside and be part of the solution, it's now."

Miller is a retired Marine and Iraq war veteran. This is the second straight election he has challenged Wilson. In 2008, Wilson won by just 8 points -- his smallest margin of victory since coming to Congress in a December 2001 special election. Miller, who was outspent two-to-one by Wilson, can likely thank much of his 46% take to Obama's get-out-the-vote efforts. The 2nd District is more than a quarter African American.


Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina is trying to turn his infamous outburst during President Obama's health care address into campaign cash. But despite the video Wilson released that was one part apology, two parts fundraising message, his little temper tantrum is still helping his opponent more than it's helping him. Rob Miller, the Democrat who challenged Wilson during the last election cycle (and lost by just eight percentage points), has raised more than $1 million, to Wilson's $700,000. That's bad news for Wilson, who dramatically outspent Miller last time around and still won with the narrowest margin of victory of his career.


{;-) Dan in Miami

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