OK look, I posted what I thought about the site..and I can't find it again.

'nuff said.

except that I am really I mean really happy that the site didn't go away.


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Not being able to find things

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around here is what I consider to be a bonus. That way, "they" can't fling things back in one's face.

Looks like you posted it as

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Looks like you posted it as a comment in the Mr. Cranky blog post.

You can see all posts by going to the front page and clicking the "more" link under Mr. Cranky's latest post.

Also, you can click on "My Account" at the top right, and then click on the Track tab.  This list everything you have ever posted or commented on.

But for exceptionally lazy dumbasses

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like me, that's kind of hard.

Things are nice and neat, yes, but they are spread out.  More clicking, less scrolling.  It's different and it scares me a little.

I guess a carbon copy of the old place would be my ideal.  I don't mean to offend, I just have difficulty moving on.  I am very appreciative of the hard work put in to keep Crankyland alive, and grateful to still be posting with you guys.

The recent posts/active forum topics seems to keep some...

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...of the old school feeling.  You can also collapse the threads if you choose.

One thing is abundantly clear

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People sure aren't posting very often. We need new blood!

maybe everyone can use this post to find their other posts

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thanks for the info and adjudicating comments

maybe if there was a place where all recent posts go.....no wait, that was the first new review at the old site. I know.... maybe if we got an email everytime someone posted anything!!!

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