Olbermann : Special comment on the latest Supreme Court decision

Yeah, it's all about freedom of speech.

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You could have been a great country, but you got caught up in freedom of corporations to buy politicians. Oh well.

I seem to recall the Constitution starts "We the people"

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Not "We the corporations"

Hopefully this will backfire on the corporations with people not voting for their candidates because they are corporate schills. That is if the donations are subject to public record.

Uh Oh.

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This is double un-good.

The President addresses this issue

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So would you ban labor unions from giving money to politicians?

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One of the most powerful ways for common people to influence politics is through their labor unions or other organizations.  If you allow that how can you ban corporations from doing the same thing?

Lets have free speech for everyone. 

Political contributions should be a matter of public record.  They should be posted on the internet.   That way voters could see at a glance which politician is owned by which corporation or which interest group.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Ummm, No.

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When it comes to the making and interpreting of laws, call me naive, but money shouldn't have anything to do with it at all.


Why does money need to change hands to get a law made?


Seriously, is there any hope for us- couldn't lawmakers be doing things because we believe things should be a certain way, and then we make them that way?


I'm not crazy! (*Runs away zig zagging*)

I'm a big supporter of the First Amendment...

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but I hate the idea that corporations can use their power and influence to pretty much have any election they want go their way.  Way too many politicians are "corporate owned" as is, do we really want all of them to be?

I think it's about time to abolish corporate personhood - it's nothing but a legal fiction that lets companies exploit legal loopholes, and it needs to be gotten rid of.  Corporations exist to make money, but ultimately they should serve us instead of having us serve them...

Corporations will give money to politicians

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You can't stop it.  It's better that the transaction is above the table where everyone can see it.

Without the legal framework of a limited liability corporation people could sue share holders.  That would basically mean that people would no longer buy shares of stock.  This would make it much harder to raise capital.  The end result would be fewer jobs.  Considering the economic mess we are in we don't need that.

One practical way to limit the political power of corporations is thru direct democracy.  People can vote on issues at the state level with referendums and recalls.  We should do the same at the federal level.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Corporations may try, but...Why do politicians accept?

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Saying that corporations will always give money to politicians, and therefore we should just accept it and make it legal is like saying mob bosses will always pay off judges and we should just accept that organized crime happens, and we should let them do whatever they want to.


Both do happen right now, true.. But are you really comfortable with that? Does it make you feel good to think the guy you voted for could soon be "Pepsi presents; the guy you voted for" ...


I don't want my laws made by the highest bidder. Then the wealthy rule and can squeeze the peasants accordingly to get more percentages of the peasant's money. That's just the same as having a King, and America is no longer a democracy or even a republic.


We aren't electing officials to represent our interests anymore at that point. We're "okay" with our officials accepting bribes-


Bribes. Seriously. Have we really given up hope that much?

George Will : Full of shit as usual

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Conservative's way of attacking a problem = pretend it isn't there


Corporations are not the same as mob bosses

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We need more free speech not less.  The Internet has made it possible for large numbers of people to contribute small amounts of money.  You can do the same thing with your cell phone.  We should also require TV stations to give free air time to candidate debates.  If you don't like the way your representatives are representing you then insist on direct democracy. 

George Will is saying that organizations like corporations and unions and lawyers seek out candidates they agree with and then give them money.  He thinks large amounts of money received by a politican will not change that politician's votes.  If a politician votes the way a large corporation wants him to is he following orders or trying to help companies in his district prosper so that more people in his district will be employed?

{;-) Dan in Miami

^^^Excuse me?

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Aren't we seeing a good example of that very thing with the Heathcare Debate? Look at our pal Joe Lieberman for example who has change his mind several times. First he's for expanding Medicare now he's against it. Oh you're right, campaign contributions and the money his family receives from the healthcare industry hasn't influence him one bit! Are you saying those in Congress who have sold out have a conscience and principles? They gave up those long ago. Freedom of speech my ass!

Lieberman is a whore

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It would be easier to prove it if contributions were made above the table.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Since the Dems are in power they will probably get most of the corporate money in the next elections.

Many Democrats are proving to be just as bad

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As Joe Lieberman, whatever he is this week. These corporate whores need to be voted out of office, that is if Diebold will let you. Yeah, they might lose their majority but so what. They weren't using their majority anyway.

Obama needs to get out there and lead. At least he could give the appearance of fighting for his causes. Forget this bipartisan crap, it makes him look like a chump when he compromises without a fight. Have the fucking Republicans or those mutant conservative Democrats given an inch? Stop courting these assholes! They want you to fail.

No-Drama-Obama needs to start fighting for his issues

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That's assuming he actually believes what he reads on his teleprompter.

{;-) Dan in Miami

"Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers" (2006)

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Got half the way through this documentary.  Had to turn it off.  The way these corporations have behaved in Iraq made me so mad I thought I might burst a blood vessel.

{;-) Dan in Miami

The Military Industrial Complex

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Nothing new there

The fact that Halliburton and KBR are still in business should tell you all you need to know

The Iraq War was started so Chenty and his cronies could make lots of money

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