Is the old Cranky site gone?

This is the first time I've gotten this site by simply typing "Mr. Cranky". The last time I saw the old Cranky is was wall to wall Hammy and Oddball.


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The start of a new Crankyland and a new Great Depression

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Coincidence? Actually, they switched over while I was in the middle of composing another Hammy-flame. I hit "Submit," and the browser couldn't find the page. My last blast. I'm starting to go through withdrawal already.

Donuts. Ugmgmgmgmgm!!!!

Surely you won't miss the old Ham?

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Decided on an avatar yet?

At least temporarily

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I think I'll use my old buddy as my avatar.

And as for the Hambone, I still think he'll do something to try and annoy people on this site. I don't think he'll be able to stand by and allow people of a liberal persuasion to exercise their right of free speech.

So are we gonna pick a forum?

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Or wander around these catacombs?


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I missed my last attempt at lasties.

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