Olympics thread: Can Canada recover from agony of de feet?

How about those USA Hockey players eh?

by Jim Slater Jim Slater – Mon Feb 22, 10:14 am ET

VANCOUVER (AFP) – American goaltender Ryan Miller's eyes jolted wide open when he was asked about his saves to deny Canada in the final frantic three minutes of a 5-3 US victory Sunday over the Winter Olympic hosts.

"Some of the most intense I've ever played," Miller said. "Got pretty fortunate."

Miller made 42 saves to lift the Americans into Wednesday's quarter-finals and condemn Canada to a first-round playoff game Tuesday against Germany just for the right to face Russia in a match that had been pegged as a likely final.

"It's probably one of the biggest games I ever played," Miller said.


{;-) Dan (where the water never freezes) in Miami


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Meh. Canada. USA.

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All the players are Canadian.

Old farts score for USA hockey

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- The average age of Team USA is 26.5. The average age of its goal scorers in Sunday's 5-3 victory over Canada? 32. And if you don't count Ryan Kesler, who knocked in an empty-netter in the last minute of the game, the number is actually over 34. So for all those who questioned the callowness of the U.S., it turns out just a little bit of experience can go a long way.

Thirtysomethings Chris Drury, Jamie Langenbrunner and Brian Rafalski, the only U.S. players with previous Olympic experience, were instrumental in pulling the Americans up and over a Canadian team that hasn't quite responded to the massive pressure it is carrying in these Games. It wasn't 21-year-old Patrick Kane or 22-year-old Phil Kessel, with their youthful and dazzling skill, that earned the U.S. its first Olympic victory over Canada since 1960. It was the grinding, workmanlike play of the veterans, the guys who have been around long enough to know how to win big games like these.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/olympics/2010/writers/sarah_kwak/02/22/usa.wins/index.html#ixzz0gIv9L317
 {;-) Dan in Miami


Hockey ain't a big sport for kids down here

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9 out of 10 kids drown attempting to play hockey on the area's lakes and ponds.

Trust me.

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We're used to it.

Jed Clampett on ice

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What the f*** is this?


{;-) Dan in Miami


While you watched NBC

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and it's record-breaking non-Olympics coverage of impersonaters claiming to be skaters, Canadians watched the real thing on CTV. We could actually see ice skaters who didn't skate on their ankles, as American hockey players did.

Canadian pansies mince their way to ice dancing gold

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In a display seldom seen outside of a French bordello, "Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir danced their way into history on Monday when they became the first North American couple as well as the youngest ever Olympic figure skating ice dancing champions."

To hide their shame the parents of the "winners" have now moved to an ice flow somewhere near Valdivostok.


{;-) Dan in Miami

How could she not win?

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Virtue-ous as she was? Such a lovely Canadian name.

Prediction: Ankle-skating

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American mockey team will get their asses handed to them by Canadians. Yet again.

Wholesome Canadian bob-sledding women

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slid down the Teflon-coated track with grace, while those tarty American girls somehow had sandpaper glued to their asses.

Will someone, ANYONE, please! Please!

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Teach those American girls how to play hockey!

Are Canadian women usually that hairy?

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Canadian hockey players swig beer, smoke cigars on ice

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And that's the women players!  Now that's my kind of gal.  Can smack a slap shot and belch just like the boys. 


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  If all the women are like that up north maybe I should look for a summer job in Vancouver.  After the last ice melts of course.  Sometime around mid June.

We'll let you into the country, but

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you better not be skating on your ankles when you get here if you want to hang out with real women. And don't be trying to import any of those fake Cuban cigars, either. Our women know the difference.

Dan, I would like to take this opportunity

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to announce to one and all that the Canadian Womens Hocky team (victorious, I might add), will be offering a puck-handling and skating skills course open to both men and women who might be interested in sharpening their skills over the next four years.

Additional coaching will be offered in choosing cigars, beer and champagne blends to enhance the overall effect of a victory over ankle-skating American boys and girls.

Until next time, suckers.

hee hee hee

Foo, would you join us in our quest?

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We seek to replace the stones used in curling with equally heavy percussive explosive devices. 

Now that's entertainment. 


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if we can name the team the Taliban Tankards.

No drinking allowed though. We can't take away the full effect of the team's true mission in life.

Being the loving and indulgent daughter that I am,

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I watched the whole curling final.  TWICE!  It wasn't half as bad as the 2 hours of Celtic Thunder I had to sit through last night.  I've got to learn how to say, "Not on your fucking life!".

People in bar think they have curling figured out

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What a great men's hockey final!

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I watched every second of it and was mesmerized.  Even someone as ignorant of the sport as myself could appreciate the high level of play in this game.  That second Canadian goal was a work of art.  The US hung in there and once again US goalie Ryan Miller played out of his mind.  I didn't think the US could come back but that last minute US goal with only 25 seconds left in regulation made me think anything could happen.

Congratulations to Canada and all of its fine athletes.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Now if they could just figure out a way to make the puck visible on the TV screen maybe I would consider following the sport.

No, they should play hockey with a white puck

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I'm not sure that white puck thing would work

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for you Yanks. Your men and women had a hard enough time seeing and locating the black one.

Zamboni driver's education part one

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How cool would it be to whip out your Zamboni driver's license at the liquor store?  Everyone with something less than a Haz Mat license would be pea green with envy.


{;-) Dan in Miami



Zamboni driver's education part two

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Don't eat the yellow snow and don't drive your Zamboni outdoors.  Especially not on a frozen lake.


{;-) Dan in Miami 


If you can't run a Zamboni,

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can you be expected to beat up on Canadian girls who smoke cigars and drink beer?

Another record for the Vancouver Olympics...

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I wanna drive a Zamboni!

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And you know you want to your own damn self.   

Canadians invented Ice Hockey and Basketball.


It took a real American to invent the Zamboni!  Frank Zamboni of Southern California to be exact.   

But you don't want to see that video.  No.  You want to hear the country song that tugs at your heart while telling the true story of a down home boy who yearns to drive the big ice making machine.  Yes it's the biggest and baddest of all grounds keeping devices.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVkJbvv3pHg 

{;-) Dan in Miami 



Zamboni My Butt

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If it's all the same to you, I'll just keep my own wish of wanting to drive a Harrier. 

When I used to work for McDonnell Douglas, they actually had as one of their 27 rules, rule 19 which read: "Do not stand on, sit in, or fly planes without permission.  That was so the rule I wanted to get fired for breaking.  Now that's what I call a genuine career goal.  ::sigh:: Unrealized to my everlasting sorrow. 

The next-best thing to being there

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If you think Yank hockey players are so tough, think again.

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A 15-year-old hockey player in Manitoba was forced to parade around the dressing room with water bottles tied to his genitals


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