One more recently-seen movie: W.

Very minor spoilers below, nothing major.



Good film, one of my favorites from 2008.  Josh Brolin is terrific as Dubya, playing him from his days as a Yale fraternity pledge through his days as a failed oilman, his help with Daddy Bush's (James Cromwell) 1988 Presidential Campaign) all the way to his "Mission: Accomplished" speech at the supposed end of the Iraq War.  Brolin and Cromwell have the most screentime of everyone, but the strong cast also includes Elizabeth Banks (this year's "it" girl") as Laura Bush, Ellen Bursyn as Barbara Bush, Geoffrey Wright as Colin Powell, Toby Jones as Karl Rove, and Richard Dreyfuss, who is more than a little uncanny in his creepy portrayal of Dick Cheney.  The one weak link is Thandie Newton as Condi Rice, but fortunately she doesn't have many lines.

The angle that director Oliver Stone takes is that Dubya is always failing to living up to the expectations of his father, who considers him #2 son after Jeb.  It's an interesting approach and it does much to explain Bush's actions.  The film jumps around in time and includes a few semi-funny vignettes such as Bush choking on a pretzel, but it isn't nearly as funny as I thought it would be.  In fact, the "war room" scenarios in which Bush and Co. discuss their plans for the Middle East are quite gripping, like something from a whole 'nother movie. 

My one big gripe is that Stone should've waited until Bush's term was up.  I know he wanted it released this year a month before the election, but as a result, the film lacks closure and you can't help but want it to go on just a little bit longer.  Still, I enjoyed it immensely and would definitely see it again.  Brolin is terrific.




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As much as I can't stand to look at G.W.B.

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I definitely wanna catch this one on the big screen, if only to watch Josh Brolin work his magic.   I fell in love with him in No Country For Old Men, and I have this funny feeling I'm gonna wanna do the prez after watching him in W.

I'm also kinda anxious to see Dreyfuss do some stuff - it's been awhile.

I wanna see it, does it make sence?

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i mean does Stone make an accurate explanation of Bush's actions.  Does he make some accusations?

It *seems* to make sense, TMundo.

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In the film, Bush does what he does to impress his father, who always compared "Junior" to #1 son, Jeb.

What I wanna know is, was Karl Rove as omnipresent in Dubya's life and at all these top-secret meetings, as it is imagined to be in the film?

Again: it's a good film, not as skewering of Bush as I thought it'd be.



I CAN'T stand to look at him . .

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. . . so won't be seeing the picture. I mean, I really can't. I despise him and his family and all of his friends and hangers-on and enablers and ESPECIALLY Dick Cheney so much that watching the film without yelling and throwing things at the screen would be a torment.

I will have to accept the opinions of others who have the stomach to watch.

Pleased to see you, HH

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Going to get an avatar? (I'm sure yours would be original.)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Avatar, avatar . . .

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. . .. what indeed would encapsulate me? Hmmm. I am . . . Hairhead!

When I was President Hairhead (in one of the collaborative fanfics in the Old Days) I was a drug-addicted coward who had an unlimited ability to soil myself. Hmm, what avatar would show that?

I could always put a caricature of myself up.

Ugh. That might drive people away.

perhaps when it comes out on DVD

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you could project it onto a dart board. then you could watch the film and express your feelings 

MasterKlives, could you please let me know

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when it's technologically feasible to project a film into a toilet?

The main criticism of this film is that it takes cheap shots

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which means I would have no trouble at all watching and enjoying it

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