O'Reilly lets Barney have it


It begs the question:  What would it take to get Barney to admit the truth?


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A shouting match

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O'Really is a real "master" of journalism

He's good at cutting off the other person before their done...

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even when asking for sources of the other person's opinions, as the person suprises him with a decent source he cuts them off in mid conversation...


well our sources say otherwise.


What are your sources of info Bill?  Fox news?





You present this absolute SHIT and bemoan that this site...

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isn't conducive to serioius debate???

Duuuuude, you first.

O'Reilly isn't a right winger...

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Despite the many attempts I've seen to paint him as such. 

However, I think it's a very valid point when Congressman Frank is on CBS news back in July calling Fannie Mae a good investment.  To his credit, he said "it's not a good long term investment" but are we going to split hairs about this?  Not to mention that 5 years ago, Barney said there was absolutely nothing to worry about with respect to Fannie Mae.

So O'Reilly tears him up as he should have and everyone is going to talk about the quality here?  Every journalist in this country should be as passionate about trying to expose the thieves  and corruption as Bill is.

I don't understand your rationale for saying it's shit. 

"This is why your stupidity gets in the way...

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...of rational discussion."

Barney had a point there, no?  O'Reilly wasn't exposing a "truth", he was, as the respected congressman pointed out, on a rant. Forgive Frank for not sitting there passively and taking it.

Also, you assume that I dislike O'Reilly because he's a Right Winger. Again, that is a spurious assumption. I dislike him because he a loudmouthed asshole.  Perhaps you, like O'reilly, need to go back and listen carefully to Congressman Frank's clip.  Note that there are conservatives I read and respect:  Thomas Sowell and David Brooks among them.  So you can quit the "You're only against this because a Conservative said it" bullshit. Okay?  FYI, I've voted for a Republican for president and for governor more times than I remember.

Lastly, your use of begs the question is wrong.  What you meant to say is raises the question.  What begs the question is your assumption that Barney Frank was less than truthful.  I don't really care about grammar as I'm far from competent at it myself; I just wanted to bug you some more.

And finally lastly, material from Fixed News, Workers Voice, or any inherenly party-driven drivel from any source, right or left, certainly isn't appreciated by me. There's enough hassle in the world without spreading Roger Ailes' right wing hatespeach. That shit has all the credibility today for the far right that "Power to the People" had in the sixties for the far left.

How dare you besmirch

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Power to the People and all it has done for the great nations in the world. Such as, such as...

Umm, such as yeah, that's it. Such as!

I'll never understand why O' Reilly, Hannity and their ilk ...

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Fail to grasp the art of interviewing people. Larry King seems to manage it why not them? You ask a question and then you wait politely while your guest answers the question. When the guest is done talking you ask another question. Why is this so difficult for them to master? What does it accomplish to shout over everything your guest is trying to say? That's why I don't watch his show or Hannity's. I can't understand what they are saying! As far as Bill showing up his guest goes he only succeeds in making himself look like a fool.

Because they're appealing to their lowest common denominator

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they can't do an interview "a la Larry King". King already has that audience sewed up, thus the circus sideshow by Billy-O and his cohorts. The Fox audience wants the trash-talking, yelling, screaming and vibrating of a Billy-O interview. It shows his audience that somebody "they know" is putting all those hoity-toity guests in their proper place. It's a feel-good thing for his audience of morons.

Billy gets to look like a bully, and therefore his audience can relate.

Television. Ain't it grand?

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking by it.

Maybe Joe Six-Pac

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is done with dinner, is kicking back with some brews and dammit, Springer isn't on.

Inept interviewing

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I remember a 60 MINUTES report where Lesley Stahl was interviewing someone and asked him a question. As he started to answer, she interrupted him to elaborate on her question!  As he made a new start on answering, she interrupted AGAIN for further elaboration!


How much do they pay her?


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Your clip was disappointing.

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I thought it would show Bill going mano-a-mano with the Purple Diplodocus.


I love you,

You love me,

Let's all beat up O-Rei-lly

With a knick-knack

Freddie Mac

Give the man a bone

He'll beat you with it

Til you're done


Well done Bill. You've managed to make Frank look good.


From the title...

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...I thought this was going to be about hot blowhard-on-Purple Gheyasaurus Rex porn.   





I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.


I leave for two weeks and Spammy returns?

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Hey there little guy! How's it going?

Adding to the comedy of errors in the financial meltdown

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Enjoy this stick-figure 'toon that explains every single thing!. It's a lengthy click-through, but worth the time and effort on the mouse.


Damn, I wish I weren't an American

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So I could laugh at this

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