Orly Taitz is one crazy bitch

Here she is being interviewed by Joy Behar



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Orly Taitz

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should have her naturalization papers nullified and she should be returned to sender. Why is that dumbass given even a whisper of credibility by being interviewed by anyone?

Another fine example of MSM's long slide into irrelevance.

Although, I am somewhat touched by a Moldovan dentist's concern for the welfare of the United States.

The name Orly Taitz...

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...makes me think of oily tits.  I know I'm not alone!


Actually, she's an attorney as well...

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...and she raises some interesting points, but at this point, what exacly would you like to do?  I mean basically if he was never elligible, technically they should vote again, or take the easy way out and just stick Biden in.  But honestly, what would you do?  Bring back McCain and then let everyone debate over where he was born?

I have no problem with the Orlys of the world.

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They're more than welcome to fantasize about anything that they want to fantasize about. I do, however, have a problem with having to watch that trash, and anything resembling it - even remotely - masquerading as "news" on television "news" broadcasts.

I no longer watch much American television "news" programs. They're all well on their way to using the Fox approach, and it's only a matter of time before they all mimic Fox. Fox's demographics notwithstanding, the other players will in due time be their equal.

I do get a kick out of CNN calling itself "The Worldwide Leader in News". Capitalized, no less. Right.


Oily Taints

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You know, if I told Mundo that I have the biggest dick in Canada while I was on line he'd probably believe me.  He'd be wrong it's the second biggest dick.  Prime Minister Harper is the biggest dick.  Oily Taints got her law degree via a correspondence law school, altho' I have to indict the California Bar for passing her on their bar exam.  In fact, her credentials for being in the country are far more suspect than Obama's , which essentially are zero unless you want to cede Hawaii to Canada ( we've already taken over Maui, which we know how to spell better than you)


I,ve not been partaking of these threads of late mainly because I'm so boggled about what a banana republic your country is becoming. I had hoped that by now GWB and Cheneyzilla would be safely locked up either in Leavenworth or the Hague along with many of their little enablers.  I had hoped that you would have become more Popperlike as an open society.  I had hoped that you would have begun to throw off the control that corporations have over your governing bodies, particularly since the corporations and banks had shown so obviously how sociopathic and harmful to the common good their actions are.


But no, the Banks get bailed out with taxpayers money and are already recycling it to make more off the backs of the diminishing middle class and the poor. Thwe republican party stands by to block any means of controlling this and too many "democrats" stand to assist them.  A valiant attempt to reform healthcare to something resembling that that civilised nations provide for their populace is besieged and transformed into a giveaway to the insurance leeches.


And Obama and the dumbocrats stand by and allow this to happen in the name of bipartisanship. CRAP.  Your Government is fucked.  Entirely bought and paid for by company and lobbyist money. And your right wing Supreme Court is just about to treat corporations as even more human  and remove restrictions on political donations because they have the "human rights of an individual"  What numb nuts court in the US ever said that companies should be treated as an individual?  When has a company ever been executed because it killed people through its actions and many have?


Well, your country is swirling the bowl.  It saddens me, mainly because it will have an adverse impact on my country which is too economically tied to yours but up till now has resisted your countries worst impulses despite having the Bush admiring Harper in thankfully limited power.  ( We function best with a minority government)  

Tell us what you really think Shakes

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Actually there probably will be a public option in the final health care bill.  Granted, conservative Dems could still be a problem.

The bailout of the banks really pissed me off.  Some of the biggest have started to pay back some of the loans.  In theory the federal government could make money on those loans, but I doubt it.

The leading economic indicators are all good right now.  Unfortunately employment is usually the last thing to improve.

{;-) Dan in Miami


That is all true, sure.

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But it's warmer here.

I helped elect a moderate reformer.  And I have not one bit of buyer's remorse.  I didn't expect things to change overnight. 

And please give us a little credit. Can any country with Al Franken in the Senate be all that bad?  BTW, he's turning out to be a marvelous senator. 

What would I do?

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Amend the US Constitution so that any US citizen over 18 can be president (regardless of birthplace).


^^^ You're absolutely right

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The Onion News Network is the only reliable source for news!

Hey, give us a minute!

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To throw out most of those in Congress, there's only a handful I'd keep, put the regulations back in place, repeal the anti-trust exemption the health industry got in the 40s, pass universal healthcare, get back to manufactoring stuff again, get the corporations out of our government, end two wars we shouldn't have started in the first place, become energy independant, end global warming, clean up the environment, send all the crooks in Wall Street and the banks to a desert island where they would have to become cannibals to survive, try Bush and Cheney for crimes against humanity, ban grits as a health hazard, repeal Don't ask, Don't tell, end world hunger by selling off church property, send Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Glen Beck, Michele Bachman and Bill O Reilly to a mental institution where they belong.......

Who's got the beer, eh?

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An Air Canada airplane, seen [at the URL below] in August 2009. There was no fire, engine woe or medical emergency when an Air Canada Jazz flight made an unscheduled stop in western Canada late Tuesday: the pilot diverted the jet over a beer theft, police said.


{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Good to know the Canucks have their priorities straight.

PPS:  Welcome back Shakes.

PPPS:  Air Canada Jazz?

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