Osama bin Laden Killed!!


And it was Obama who accomplished this

Top that you Goppers!

What Bush couldn't or refused to do for 8 years


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It's a scam

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like the moon landing, only with even less evidence.  What moron would actually believe the lies!?!? 

Obama's approval rating shot up to 56%

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I'm sure there will be some who won't believe it no matter what. Michael Jackson, Elvis, Hitler, J.F.K., Saddam and Bin Laden are in a cafe right now laughing over the whole thing.

BTW, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never made it back from the Moon. They were taken captive by the ant people who live inside the Moon. The people you see on Earth are clever lookalikes

It's a conspiracy

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to ensure a third term for G.W.

It's Obama's Grenada moment

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Pres. Bush announces Gopher Killed!

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