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Where's the dog from the Artist's nomination?

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 What a rip

Young Adult didn't even get an honorable mention. WTF?

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No one on the "Academy" must have seen it.

What could be better than an alcoholic known as Charlize, wearing too much makeup to cover it up, wandering around, disheveled, in sweats while guzzling shots and chugging diet coke? What's not to like about that, considering how many drunks, drug addicts and child molesters there are in the place?

The drunken confrontation near the end is a classic.

Don't miss this one if you've ever wanted to know what happened to the high skool beauty queen.

Did anyone catch the Vampire Jolie last night?

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That bimbo is so skinny she looks positively bulimic. Obviously she can't get another drop of blood out of That Guy She Was With. It's time for That Guy She Was With to move on before she completely sucks the life out of him in her feeble attempts to make her ruby-rouge lips more appealing.

In other words, that frail biatch is so fucking ugly it's pathetic.

George Clooney deserved to win an Oscar. He spent

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more time sharing the screen with a corpse and Mickey Rourke's love child than any human being deserves. If you throw in Robert Forster as one of the three corpses, Georgie boy had no chance of losing.

The ugliest ear I've ever laid eyes on also had its own scene. In fact, it was on-screen for so long I'm sure that ugly ear has its own SAG membership.

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