Oscar snubs

Clint Eastwood, Bruce Springsteen for best song, Dark Knight for best movie & director. Am I leaving anyone out?


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The academy must finally be

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The academy must finally be tired of the perennial Eastwood contenders.

Sally Hawkins

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I thought she was a lock, only 3 songs? weird.

Revolutionary Road

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Although I posted in another forum that I wasn't wild about the film, I *still* expected Lead Acting nominations for Kate and Leo.  Kate did get nominated for The Reader...guess I'll have to check that one out. 

Is Benjamin Button REALLY that good?  It just looks like Gump redux....



Wilson the Volleyball

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A much better actor than Tom Hanks

I resent that

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Trivia note

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That ball was named for Hanks' wife Rita Wilson.


You sure about that, Dr. Freep?

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FearlessFreep wrote:

That ball was named for Hanks' wife Rita Wilson.

Wilson is one of our largest sporting good manufacturers, and they make volleyballs. Lots of them.

Gaze upon this, Grasshopper, and you will understand.


Why does Hanks still work?

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When his wife is heir to the Wilson fortune

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