Oscar surprises?

Do you even care about the Oscars anymore? Did you ever care about the Oscars? I hope Penelope Cruz wins because she is hot! And also I'd like to see the look on Moni'que's face when she loses.


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Dude, did you even bother to see Precious?

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Me neither.  You couldn't drag me to a film like that with a logging chain and a grappling hook.

I'm waiting for PRECIOUS 2

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Where she becomes a supermodel.


My Precious

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is one of those films that wets the panties of child-poverty hand-wringers, parents who can't spell given names, and white people who wish they were black.

Fortunately, most of them don't go to the movies, or my Precious would still be running in theaters.

I can't wait to see the face of that black chick when she finds out that she's not going to be able to fit into her dream vehicle - a tow truck.

I heard it was a very disturbing thought-provoking film...

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...but given that I can't even get myself to the theater to see Avatar, I figured I'd give this one a pass as life is a bit of a downer lately, I'd rather not advance that state of mind any further than it needs to be.


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A good film, but a real downer.  Actually, I guess it's supposed to be an uplifting ending, but since I disagreed with the protagonist's choice, I'll stick to my guns and call it a real downer.

Some great acting in this one.  Newcomer Gabourey Sibide is terrific, and you'll barely recognize Lenny Kravitz as a male nurse (does he know Gaylord Focker?) and Mariah Carey as a counselor with a real New Yawk accent.  All that being said, this film belongs to Mo'nique.  See it - if only to see her jaw-dropping work here.  Holy fucking shit!



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Jeffrey Welles says Monique character is too unrealistic, what do you think?

Mo'nique's character

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Interesting question, Critico.  Hard to answer without spoilers, but I'll do the best I can. 

What was most unrealistic was that she stuck (Mo'nique) by her boyfriend after he raped Precious, and always hated Precious for it (as opposed to hating the boyfriend). 


that's not so unrealistic

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I've seen it happening in real life, i mean it would be unrealistic if she actually saw the rape, but if she only heard the daughter saying the boyfriend rape her, she might not believe her.

He was saying something, about she behaving more like a movie villian than a realistic villian, for example throwing a tv to her daughter.

I forgot about the TV thing.

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I guess it didn't bother me because she's just so very evil that she would do something like that to her own daughter.  She crossed a threshold to being truly despicable.

But that's just my $0.02.



Oh, and Tee

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Sorry to hear you're down in the dumps.  Here's hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel.  (I'll give you a free pass on getting to skip "Precious.")



I had no interest in seeing this movie,

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but now I'm curious.  I'll have to check it out once it hits the video store.

I'm finally going to see Avatar!  I was shut out 3 times on the island, but I'm back home for a while and I'm hitting the movie theater in a couple of hours.  I'm really excited for this one.

btw, would that name still be pronounced "Monique", and if so, why the fuck would someone throw an apostrophe into the middle (well, middle syllable-wise) of it?  I just don't get it.

Just because

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a dyslexic parent can't spell or do phonix doesn't mean that you should hold it against the poor underpriveleged child.

I think it's done so they can stand out from the crowd

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For example, in real life, I'm now known as "B'ob."

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