The other 5 reasons I forgot

Liberal nutjobs like Rajah had their first orgasm in years

Oprah used a portopotty for the first time

Chris Mathews had another tingle run up his leg

Obama called all multi-racial children "Mutts"

Nancy Reagan hung up on Obama when he called "to apologize"


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Oh, so that's what that was!

Rajah's picture

Unlike Chris, most of my tingles run down my leg especially when I forget my Depends

I'm still waiting for reasonable debate that supports Bush

TMundo's picture

...and I still haven't gotten any.  My feeling is that it's because there isn't any.  I mean, even McCain was grasping at straws, but you would think someone would have reasonable discussion that supports Bush.  My guess is that there isn't any.  I am of course not talking about the trolls.

George Bush was good president for...

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Showing how not to run a presidency

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